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 Training Systems

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PostSubject: Training Systems   Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:41 pm

Rules for Training Jutsu:

  • You must train a single Jutsu over 3 Days.

  • You may train more than one Jutsu in a post.

  • Please use the following posting minimum for each Jutsu you train. Please note that these are the minimum amounts per day!

    D-Rank: 100 Words
    C-Rank: 200 Words
    B-Rank: 300 Words
    A-Rank: 400 Words
    S-Rank: 500 Words

  • All Jutsu that have been trained can not be used in Current Rp Threads. You must leave the Rp thread you are in to use that Jutsu.

  • If for example you are training 1 D-Rank and 1 S-Rank Jutsu, your post must be a minimum of 600 Words.

  • If learning a Jutsu from a 'Jutsu Master' posting counts are doubled.

  • Please respect the following limits when learning Jutsu. (These may be exempted for various reasons)

    Genin can only learn up to B-Rank Moves.
    Chuunin can only learn up to A-Rank Moves.
    Jonin can learn up to S-Rank Moves.

Biju Training:

When Training your Biju, it is best reccomended that you train in the new Biju Training Facility (Biju no Torēningu Shisetsu) in the Crossroads. It requires no posts in the Traveling Thread to get there! Training there will grant you access to Tailed Beast Skills, as well as possibly complete control over your Biju.

Please note! Even if you have all the Tails of a Biju Trained, you will NOT have complete control over said Biju. You will have to go through a trial similar to the Naruto's Manga Attempt to take full control of Kyuubi.

- Training the Tails -

In order to gain more control over your Biju, one must train in their Jinchuuriki Forms. Each Biju has a different amount of posts and words you must have to train a tail, but may have more per tail. You may spread the minimum word count around the posts however you please. In order to gain complete control, please contact an Admin.

After Training a Tail, you MUST wait 1 Full Week until training another. Although, posts for training one tail may be done all in one day.



















- The Techniques -

All Jinchuuriki have the same Chakra Defecits from using the Initial Jinchuuriki Form and all techniques. The techniques avalible are ones from the Manga (NOT the Anime) that we can get a description for. As of right now, no custom Biju Techniques may be created.


Each Biju gains these techniques in their 1st Tailed Form. Any god-modding of these techniques by Any Jinchuuriki will cause a new system be set up where a technique will be learned by however many tails you have Mastered.
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Gender : Female
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PostSubject: Re: Training Systems   Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:11 am

11/13/11 Biju Training Updated - Minimum Posting Counts Lowered
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Training Systems
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