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 Arahi's training (to be reused)

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Arashi Urufu
Arashi Urufu

Posts : 23
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PostSubject: Arahi's training (to be reused)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:40 pm

Arashi would walk out from the heavy rain, he would be standing on the water, waiting, he would then think 'aww, damn I sure picked a crappy day for this.' He would then look around him, he didn't see much, a few trees, the pond he was standing on, and a couple of discarded training dummies. Rashi thought 'maybe, just maybe, I can use all this junk to set up a proper training session'

"Bushin no Jutsu!" Arashi would say, using his clones to pick up the training dolls and set them in the correct places, then use the chakra in the clones to influence the dolls.

Once they were all set up Arashi would say "Begin!" and the dolls would pull out kunai and shuriken, Arashi would dash across the water, dodging most of the kunai while others missed, he would then say "Doton: Chikyū burēka no Jutsu!" And hit the water, making a weak topsoil sheild for himself, as to save chakra, he would continue to run across the water, dodging the kunai and shuriken, then he would hear the whistle of a senban, hoping he got his timing correct he would leap into the air, throwing sevral of his own senban at the area he geussed the senban was coming from, he heard a 'clink' that he geussed was the senban, however, he was half wrong, that, clinking was the sound of a senban, but not the senban he was aiming for, the senban that he was aiming for hit his sleeving, cutting it, but not Arashi. Arashi then landed on the water and dashed toward one of the training dummies, slashing it in half, then he would pull out his Katana and run at full speed toward the edge of the lake and say "Pounce!" he would then leap in the air, slahing through one of the dummies, Arashi would then say.

"Bloody Edge: Release!" Then his Katana would grow larger and he would swing it horizontically, slicing 10 of the dummies in half, the dummies would then switch position, moving almost to fast for Arashi to see them, he saw one of them, about to move into a tree so Arahi threw a kunai at it, the dummy dodged. Arashi thought 'They're getting smarter, this'll be fun.' he would then dash toward the talles tree he could find, run up it and throw sevral kunai with shushin tags on them, they would land on top of the pond thanks to the bouancy of the chakra. Arashi would then preform Bushin no justsu and send his clones after a few of the dummies, but he would see that the dummies would pull of tonfa and cast aside the clones, making them vanish. Arashi would then leap down from the tree, running towards a line of dummies he would slash at them with his sword, but they would counter with their tonfa. 'These dummies are certainly smart, oh the irony.' Thought Arashi as he pulled out a windmill shuriken and threw it at them, the dummies would get hit by the windmill shuriken, cutting them in half, but more would reform in their place. 'Damnit!' thought Arashi as he teleported to one of his kunai and picked it up, he then let the chakra on his feet go away as he sank to the bottom of the pond and preformed Metaton: Darkness rising as the darkness hit the dummies and they shattered, leaving behind peices of dummy, then the cloth reformed and the dummies just sat there, waiting for the next person to come use them. Arashi thought 'This is kind of sad...'
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Arashi Urufu
Arashi Urufu

Posts : 23
Ryō : 561839
Join date : 2011-06-13

Shinobi Information
310/310  (310/310)
200/200  (200/200)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Arashi's training (to be reused)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:37 pm

Arashi would dash toward the water, hoping he could still od this, he would use his earth breaker jutsu to create a cliff for him to dive off into the water, he would jump off the cliff and while he was falling he changed his chakra frequency and looked around, he saw a couple of steel walls, wooden walkways, and the training dolls he worked with yesterday, Arashi would then hit the water, at just the right angle so the he would seemingly float on it, he would then stand up and run across the water, thinking 'I could try to break the walls and the walkways!' he would then dash toward the walls fist outstretched, one hand on the water, he would then mould a earthen fist around his outstretched one and puch through a few of the walls, he would then back flip, having sreated earthen boots he would crush two of the walkways, one by landing on it, the second by the vibrations.

He would then run toward another set of walls, have broken the now discarded earther fist an boots, he would pick up a few of the dolls, throwing them into the water where they would float, he would run back onto the water and shoot a simple chakra infused gust of air at the walls, the first one in the row would have a large hole in it, he would then hit one with his fist and his fist would be coated in steel, he would punch through the rest of the walls with ease and shatter the bridges, he would then sit down on the water, unpacking a lunch basket and putting it on the water, training his balance and so he could have lunch. He would take out a few sandwiches, using his earthen boots and glove as a stool to put the sandwiches on, he would then pull out ramen and begin to eat.

A few moments later a large shark, who was there for training on, came and ate one of his sandwiches, shattering his well constructed platform on which to put stuff on, Arashi would be angry with the shark for taking his lunch, he would sink into the water, after creating platforms for the rest of his food, he would then propel himself with some air in bubbles he found, which also surrounded him, making sure he didn't drown, he would then swim toward the shark, using his steel fist under the water to punch it, after a few punches the shark began to get angry, it swallowed up the sandwich and began to attack Arashi. Arashi dodged to the side, but the shark managed to pop Arashi's bubble. Arashi would then swim to the surface and stay on top of the water, waiting for the shark to attack, once the shark came out of the water Arashi would pounce on top of it keeping it above water he would be able to get one of it's teeth out before it got away.

Arashi would then pick up a few of the dolls and infuse them with chakra, sending them after the shark. The dolls would attack with their tonfa, but quickly be split apart having only gotten a few scratches on the shark. Arashi would then see the cliff he had made, he thought 'If I could get the shark up there, I could have shark sandwiches for weeks!'

Arashi would then leap up on to the cliff, holding the other sandwich, as the shark lept up Arashi would grab on to it's back, still holding the sandwich, and he would utilize the sharks and his chakra frequency, as they would bothe hit the water they would both stay above it, preventing the shark from going under, however the shark, a known chakra user, which explains the strength of people like Kisame, would conceale itself inside a water bubble, which would push Arashi off when the hit the water. 'Wonderful, just wonderful.' thought Arashi as he spiraled across the water, he would then discard his steel glove and throw it at the sharks bubble, the bubble would pop thanks to the sharp fingers on the glove, but the shark would sink underwater. Arashi would then dive back underwater weilding his underwater special kunai, he would then throw it at the shark, who would get the kunai lodged in it's teeth, badly wounding it's mouth, making it hard to bite. Arashi would take this chance to attack it using his katana, Arashi would swing the katana but the shark would bite it, having recovered from the wound, Arashi would then pull out a shuriken and throw it at the shark, wounding one of it's fins. the shark would then attack Arashi cutting his left arm, making him drop the katana. Arashi would then swim down to get the katana, fending off the shark with kunai, senban, and shuriken, Arashi would pick up the katana and swing it at the shark, which would be injured, the blade would grow longer as the blood filled the water, attracting more sharks. 'Aw crap, this is gonna be difficult' Arashi would then bring an earthen sheild around himself, he would then spin quickly around, sending sharp peices into the sharks, badly wounding them, Arashi would float back up to the surface, having almost drowned, and send a windmill shuriken down toward the sharks, killing half of them, which Arashi quickly reduced their size and stuffed them in tupperware. He would then dive back down with his katana, and slice at a few of the sharks, they would bite the katana and Arashi would throw a windmill shuriken at them, cutting them in half, Arashi would then use the ground to create guantlets around his hands and punch the shark, again and again, until they flipped over, he would then discard the gloves and pull out his katana again, slicing the rest of the shark in half, he would then reduce their size and put them in a tupperware.

Arashi would then stuff the tupperware into his bag and leave the training area, content with his training for today.
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Arahi's training (to be reused)
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