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100 Years after the death of Namikaze Naruto, the hero of our world... And this is what we've come to?
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 Uchiha, Kyoshiro [wip]

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Kyoshiro Uchiha

Kyoshiro Uchiha

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Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Uchiha, Kyoshiro [wip]   Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:03 am

General Information

First Name:Kyoshiro
Last Name:Uchiha
Rank:Kage or sanin
Village of Residence:Kumogakure no Sato
Title:Raikage or Black-Lightning Flash, or just the user of the black lightning.

Kyo has pale skin and long black hair tied back in a pony tail except for a couple bangs that hangs down his face. He has a sharp but calm look in his eyes. He has a slightly muscular body and a couple of tattoo's, one on his left shoulder(small spiral design), and on his back(a shadow of a crow, covers most of his back) .People who knew or had seen picture of Itachi Uchiha(his great great grandpa) say Kyoshiro is his splitting image.

His normal set of clothes are a black v-neck shirt but it has netting type fabric that goes up tight around his neck, the sleeves goes a bit pass his elbow . As for pants he wears black pant that gets wider as it goes down then closes in around his leg, about 4" below the knee. From under the pants comes a white bandage wrapped around his right leg, all the way down to below his ankle,and as for shoes he wears black ninja sandles that go up past the ankle.

But when he goes to combat he has a different set of clothes. First he wears a short sleeve,skin tight, turtle neck-like shirt with sometimes a mask covering his face up to his nose, on top of that he has a white vest that is made of soft leather then a layer of chainmail followed by regular cloth. His arm are covered by long black glove that goes past the elbow, and a white forearm guard. As for the bottom he wears the same except for a pouch around his right leg containing shuriken and throwing knifes. He has also been known to have a sword on his back.

Clan Information

Uchiha Clan

Weapon Information
Weapon Name:Kentai
Type of Weapon:Sword
Rank:A(or S?)
How Many:4=1
Special Ability:

Kentai is actually a sword that splits into 4 different swords, Ichi, Ni, Mittsu, and Shi. Each sword has their own abilities. For example, Ichi has an alternate form that is used for fighting, Ni is extremely light, it can send slashes of air that can cut through weak steel, and can be use in dual weild with Mittsu. Mittsu is a sword that doesn't cut, it rips, it has small cavities in its teeth that can hold poison and insert it into enemy, and it can be used in dual weild with Ni. Shi is an over size katana, its edge is really sharp, but once it gets to the bone it crushes it, it does it for some unknown reason.In its full form it gain the effects of all the other swords. Kentai and its parts cant be used by anyone else other than Kyo, if some else were to try and use it it would severely burn their skin non-stop.

Kyo hardly uses the whole sword because its too powerful so when he fights he takes it from his back and sticks into the ground and unlocks the sword he wants to use, later on in the fight if he wants he can come back and change the sword or use the the whole sword. Kyo's Favorate way of using it is dual weilding with Ni and Mittsu.

~Name of each sword(left to right)~

Jutsu Information




Other Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

{D} -
{C} -
{B} -
{A} -
{S} -

Background Information


The past:
Birth of the reincarnation:
Days at the academy:
Life as a ninja(Genin):
Chuunin Days:
Becoming Kage, The big K:
OOC Alias:Kyo

Rp Sample:(using a character of from another site)
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Uchiha, Kyoshiro [wip]
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