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 Yami's Jutsu Training

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PostSubject: Yami's Jutsu Training   Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:29 pm

Lightning Charge/Lightning King/Lightning Bolt Training
Need 100/200/300 words

Yami stood in a large open field. He had a lot of space to do whatever he had needed to do at the time. He took his cloak off and tossed it to the side, after all, no one was around to see him. He was protected from the eyes of the world. Plus, he was going to be here for a while training. He stood in the space for a while inhaling and exhaling preparing for his training. Eventually, he thrusts his arms out at his sides as he was going to use his electromagnetic murder jutsu to help him get the hang of this one. A large surge of lightning erupted from his body and before it got too big, he started to minimize it until it only covered his body. This had proved easier than he thought. But, he knew he hadn't had the hang of it, after all, he did have to use another jutsu to use this. He decided he would train it further.

This was where his training would get rough though. He tried to once more reduce the size that the lightning covered. He reduced it to his legs and he practically disappeared from where he stood and appeared in front of a tree where he swung his knee up and smashed through the tree. The lightning had indeed increased the speed and power of his attack and he had a feeling it would do this. The support the tree now had was lowered do to the attack, so it fell over. Yami quickly moved away so the tree wouldn't hit him. He channeled the lightning from his legs to his arms and he ran towards another tree, but slower, and smashed his elbow through it. As the tree fell, Yami grabbed it with his hand and quickly moved from underneath it. He ran around the field smashing down trees with his body and it seemed to bring him some kind of enjoyment. He had developed a small routine which was, smash the tree then run before he got squished.

Feeling he had the basics of the attacks, he decided to move on for the time being. Before he started training the next jutsu that would stem from his lightning charge, he decided he would take a short rest. He sat on the ground nearby and then he closed his eyes. He began to drift off to somewhere else where things were quiet and he was alone. The atmosphere of this place was peaceful and before he knew it, he was dozing off. After a while, he had fallen asleep. It had been about forty five minutes before he would wake up. He got up and his vision was blurry. He felt a bit dizzy but it was nothing new. This happened every single time he woke up so he didn't worry about it too much. He still had time to train, for he had woken up early that day so sleeping didn't take too much time from him. He quickly used electromagnetic murder then reduced it to lightning charge.

Feeling the jutsu take effect, Yami began running. While running with this jutsu active, Yami appeared not as himself or a lightning bolt to those that can actually see him. To those with an untrained eye, it would appear as though he disappeared completely. But, he was just running at a very high speed. As he ran, he lowered his head. Just when he was in front of a tree, he lifted his feet of the ground and then he smacked right into the tree completely obliterating it thanks to the lightning. With this, he concluded this section of his jutsu training for the day.

Words: 620(End of Day 1 for this Branch)

Lightning Dragon
400 Words Needed

After the previous training Yami had done, he had taken a short rest. He hadn't been able to rest this time because he didn't want to over do it and end up not being able to train anymore. After he finished resting, he had gotten up and stood once more in the middle of the field. Before he had begun, his previous training had made him realize that he had become better at controlling and manipulating chakra to which he credited the water walking that he had always done. After pushing this realization aside, he decided to start. He performed a string of hand seals and as he did so, a giant wind began to sweep around him. The wind began forming a small tornado in which he was in the center for the time being. As the technique progressed, the tornado began to spark with lightning.

Lightning spread along the entire tornado until the wind had been completely obscured by lightning. The top of the tornado burst out in lightning as it formed the head of a dragon. But immediately, the entire thing dispersed. Yami had distributed too little chakra into the technique and it didn't come out as he had originally planned. He again performed hand seals and then the same process repeated, but instead of dispersing, it remained in place. Yami smiled, knowing he had pulled off the technique. He lifted his hands as the dragon took off and he was no longer in the center of the attack. He aimed it toward the trees that he knocked down earlier and as it passed through them, they disintegrated. Once all the trees were reduced to nothing but ashes sprinkled upon the floor, the dragon stopped in it's tracks. The dragon had obliterated it's targets and Yami had learned his limits. He dropped to his knees as the dragon dispersed. He wasn't tired, he just wasn't used to using so much chakra at once after using other up chakra on his previous training.

Not wanting to look weak as he appeared at the moment, Yami quickly got on his feet. He decided that he had done enough training for that jutsu on this day so he would call it quits for the time being. Yami was now going to move on to his next jutsu which he had wanted to master. He had a lot to do today but he knew he could get it done which is why he hadn't given up yet and why he wouldn't give up until he was done for the day.

Words: 428

Lightning Destruction
300 Words

Yami had been draining his energy ever since he's been training and it has been depleting ever since. But he figured, the quicker he got through this, the quicker he would be done. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of bread. He put it in his mouth and chewed on it. It wasn't much at all but it could possibly slightly replenish even a bit of his chakra. Once done chewing the bread, he swallowed it down and sighed because he had nothing to drink. "Only a little bit more then I will be done." By this point, he had decided that when he was done he would have a big dinner for the next few days even after he recovered his chakra. But, for now, he would train hard for his jutsu, all of them.

He stood in the corner of the field he had been in for a few hours now and he performed a few handseals. Upon finishing, his body surged with electricity and a bolt of lightning shocked from his body up into the sky then crashed down into the ground. It hadn't done as much damage as expected and Yami was disappointed. He figured it had been from the depletion of his chakra but he wanted to at least tear the ground more. So he tried it again putting slightly more energy into the attack, since he had no target, he just aimed it right in front of him and this time, the lightning crashed into the ground and created a tear in the ground that branched off in several directions becoming bigger with each second. With this, he had been satisfied with the effort he had put in. There was a large tear in the ground all because of him and it had made him happy to know he could cause so much damage on such low chakra.

Words: 318

Lightning Glue
100 Words Needed

Yami decided that he should give himself a break by putting a easy jutsu in the middle of the training. It didn't require must chakra just skill really, he just need to be good with chakra control which he was. He walked towards a tree and put his palm on it. Usually he would thrust with force but he didn't want to end up knocking the tree down. His palm was laced with lightning chakra and when he touched the tree some of that chakra had been transferred to the tree. Yami then jumped back and retrieved a kunai from his waist. When he finished sliding back, he through the kunai pass the tree but before it could get by, the kunai slammed into the tree and remained stuck there. Yami smiled and thought about how neat a trick that could be in a battle.

Words: 145

Wind Slicer
200 Words Needed

Yami was pumped up. Not because he felt he had progressed with his days training, but because he only had one more jutsu to practice for today before his training had been complete he was going to have fun with this one. A gust of wind surrounded him and he performed a series of hand seals. The wind surrounded his limbs and a grin formed on his face. He swung his right arm first as a small weak bullet of wind was released. He really was too weak to do any advanced training at the moment. He continued swinging his arms as he danced around, releasing bullets and sometimes waves of wind, which was his goal. When the waves came out, they cut down trees with little to no effort at all, but the bullets hardly did any damage to the trees at all and if they had Yami surely didn't notice them. He just wanted to train for the sake of training, to say he did. But, it wasn't like he wasn't enjoying training like this. It had been fun for him especially after tiring himself out with everything else that he had done before this. The wind made him feel light especially when using it like this. Eventually, he stopped and laid on the floor trying to summon up enough energy to go home.

Words: 226
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Yami's Jutsu Training
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