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 Abel Uchiha's Chakra Training!

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PostSubject: Abel Uchiha's Chakra Training!   Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:16 pm

Abel jumped through the trees toward the pre-arranged clearing where he would practice his Chakra control. He had yet to be assigned to a Jounin-Genin squad, but until that time came he would continue to practice hard as to not fall behind the other students. Per his request, a tutor had been found who would help train him in the wood-climbing technique. Abel hoped that the training would go easily and quickly, but secretly doubted it. Although the Uchiha clan often produced members with large amounts of chakra reserves, chakra control was definitely not one of the clan’s strong suits. Still, it was good to hope, right?

Finally landing in the clearing, Abel glanced up at the sky. It was nearly noon, the agreed upon time for the meeting. Sure enough, a rustling in the bushes gave away the location of the trainer. Abel turned to get his first look at the man he would soon be spending intensive hours with. Abel immediately recognized him: a prominent Chunin, rumored to soon be ranking up to a Jounin. His name was Fujita Hashimoto, and he stood slightly shorter than Abel himself, with short-cropped brown hair and the typical Chunin uniform on. His features seemed soft and friendly, but Abel knew the man had a reputation as a cold and ruthless fighter.

“Hashimoto-Sensei” Abel bowed forward, acknowledging the man’s position as superior.

“Greetings, Uchiha-kun. Let’s just get started than shall we? Today we’re going to begin the tree-walking exercises. Not only will this technique improve both stamina and chakra control, it will also prove to be a vital technique in your ninja career. Use of this technique is of course not limited to just trees. It can also be used to easily scale cliffs, walls, or any other vertical surface. Advanced users can even use it to hang upside down from a ceiling. Another version of the technique can even be used to walk on water. But I digress.”

Abel listened raptly to every word, while at the same time wondering when the man would actually begin to explain how to use the technique.

“Now on to how to actually use the technique. I’m assuming you’re already familiar with the body flicker move? This is similar, although not as easy. With this technique you concentrate chakra to the area just below your feet. Using this chakra you connect your body to the tree trunk, and gradually walk your way up. The goal is to maintain a constant output of chakra: if you forget for even a moment you will slip and fall, probably rather painfully. The training itself should probably take a few days, but who knows, you may be able to figure it out faster. Regardless, master of this technique will make learning all future techniques that much easier. Now watch as I demonstrate!”

With that Fujita walked over to the nearest tree, and pausing for just a moment casually walked up the side, taking only a few steps before turning around and calmly walking back down.

“Now it’s your turn!”

Word Count - 506
Training Type - Tree Climbing
Chakra gained - 30
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Abel Uchiha's Chakra Training!
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