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 Abel Uchiha's Katon Jutsu Training

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PostSubject: Abel Uchiha's Katon Jutsu Training   Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:43 pm

Training 4 techniques, 2 D and 2 C, linked here -

Abel walked into the clearing, carrying a large notebook in his right hand and a significantly smaller book in his left. The notebook contained a wide variety of notes on a spy technique he had been developing. The smaller book simply contained a number of basic fire jutsu, which he would use as practice before attempting to master his new technique. Setting his various items on the ground, he prepared himself to begin the basic training. He would start with the most basic of fire jutsu: a simply technique to heat up an object. Taking a large metal sphere from his bag, he set it slowly on the ground. Abel checked in the book labeled simply Basic Fire Jutsu for the Beginning Genin to make sure that his knowledge was correct. It was: all the technique required was a single hand seal to focus chakra, and then to form that focused chakra into fire energy around his palms. It seemed easy enough.

Forming the handseal, Abel easily melded the chakra into a coherent form, then presses his hand against the previously cool metal. As the metal slowly began to heat Abel smiled. Of course the technique was incredibly basic but still: he had achieved it on his first try. Unfortunately the metal seemed to be taking an annoyingly large amount of time to cool. Frowning slightly, Abel forced more of his chakra into the metal, speeding up the heating until finally…

“Ouch!” Abel yanked his hands backed as the metal suddenly grew too hot to touch. Looking mournfully at his now bright red hands, he turned back to his pack. Luckily the Uchiha often experienced burns much worse than these, and with the special ointment he carried he would be able to heal very quickly. Wincing as he spread the ointment on his hands, he sat back for awhile to heal.

Nearly an hour later Abel sat back up, his hands cooled sufficiently for him to begin the next part of his training. Looking into the book, he read the section on the slightly more advanced technique

Hibana no Jutsu is an extremely useful for the adventuring ninja. While it has little to no combat use, except in the most contrived of circumstances, in the field it in incredibly useful. By focusing chakra into ones hands then out through their fingertips, a ninja can easily start a basic fire. This is very important, as fire can cook meat and provide warmth. No ninja should ever be without a way to start a fire, and this technique provides a hassle free way to start one.

“Well that wasn’t very useful.” muttered Abel. The paragraph seemed to talk more about how useful the technique was than how it was performed. Still, it seemed easy enough. Abel set out to gather some wood for a fire, grabbing several logs along with some smaller sticks. Piling everything into a large pile, Abel began like he had before for the previous technique: forming a hand seal and focusing fire chakra into his hands. Once he felt like he had all that needed, he pointed his hand toward the large pile, and forced the chakra away from himself. A small spurt of flame forced its way out of his hand. Smiling, Abel did it again, pushing out even more chakra. The fire set out, then easily caught itself on the wood, which began to burn easily. Pointing at another section, Abel repeated the move. Soon the entire pile was burning cheerfully, and Abel sat back. The other two techniques certainly wouldn’t be this easy, but Abel enjoyed his momentary success.
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Abel Uchiha's Katon Jutsu Training
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