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PostSubject: Vindice Kuran   Vindice Kuran I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 12:33 am

General Information

First Name: Vindice
Last Name: Kuran
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Rank: A-Rank Missing Nin
Village of Residence: Kumogakure
Title: Running Bull 
Appearance:Vindice Kuran 409px-Adult_lambo-1

Clan Information

Name: Kuran Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Magnetic Contract 

History: The Kuran clan is a fairly new clan, its creator having been a Chunin from Kumogakure. He had average skills and was the laughing stock of the village, due to constantly being struck by lightning. However, he not only survived, but the constant lightning strikes created a mutation in his genes, giving him the ability to move metal objects with magnetic force. This ability was then passed to his children and their children.
Known Members: Vindice Kuran

*Family Tree:
*Clan Weapons: Lightning Horns
*Clan Techniques: 

*Clan Abilities:

Name: Magnetic Contract
Clan: Kuran

Description: The user can see the magnetic charge of a metal object and change the magnetic charge of their own chakra (Positive, negative) to attract objects to them or repel objects to them, but only as long as its metal. They can also coat the air around them with chakra to sense and stop any metal objects flying towards them. However, the magnetic force is stopped if the object being manipulated is coated in another's chakra.

Extra Abilites: None 

Forms: None
Levels: Genin- Can manipulate Kunais and Shuriken
Chunin, C & B rank missing nin- Can manipulate small to large swords.
Jounin, A-Rank missing nin- Can manipulate metal objects weighing over a ton.
Kage, S-Rank missing nin- Can manipulate objects weighing over 50 tons.

Weapon Information

Name: Lightning Horns

Rank: C

Apperance: Small yellow horns made of metal that can be attached and detached to the owner's head.

Abilities: Harnesses and doubles the power of Raiton techniques, mostly Electrico Cornata.

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!

Name: Electrico Stream
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 70   

Description: Sends a stream of electricity from the users hands. 

Prerequisites: None

Name: Electrico Reveral 
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 70   

Description: Captures the power of an opponents Raiton technique of equal or less power and channels it out with the added force of the user's chakra.

Prerequisites: Can only be used as a counter-attack

Name: Electrico Conductor 

Chakra Cost: 40  

Description: Sends a light wave of electricity into the opponent that messes with their brain signals, making their body parts switch control for a short amount of time.

Prerequisites: None

Name: Rai-Taijutsu

Chakra Cost: 45  

Description: Coats the users hands and feet with electricity. 

Prerequisites: None

Other Jutsu: Clan jutsu-
Name: Electrico Cornata
Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 85  

Description: Channels a large amount of electricity into the Lightning Horns, making them extremely lethal. The power in the horns also propels the user forward, making them run at remarkable speed. Similar to Chidori in the fact that, without eyes like the Sharingan, its easy to miss the target. 

Prerequisites: 1 Post to charge.

Name: Perfected Electrico Cornata 

Chakra Cost: 110  

Description: Perfected by Vindice Kuran, he channels a lot more chakra into the lightning horns, making it possible for electricity to stream out of the horns, making the move effective even if the horns don't make contact. 

Prerequisites: 3 posts to charge

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 0 
{C} - 2
{B} - 2
{A} - 1
{S} - 1

Background Information

Birth Arc: Vindice was born in Kumogakure, apart of the Kuran clan, the laughing stock of the village. They made their living not as shinobi, but laborers, due to their ability to lift heavy metal objects. His parents were always arguing, and almost never smiled around him.

Childhood Arc: Vindice was looking forward to joining the academy, but his parents feared he would be made fun of, and instead had him begin an early career as a worker. Vindice had other plans though and trained himself to use the Bunshin no jutsu. Using the simple technique, he would sneak into the academy. The kids made fun of him for being a Kuran, as his parents feared, but Vindice used his abilities for better uses than work. Using his magnetic abilities, Vindice never missed a target during shuriken practice and became the top of his class. Kids started to treat him better, and he made a lot of friends with his kind personality. He eventually graduated, becoming a full fledged shinobi to the complete surprise of his parents. 

Genin Arc: As a Genin, Vindice was always eager for missions, pushing himself to lift heavier and larger metal objects. He also trained himself in his own jutsu, as his parents were talentless. After 2 years, Vindice was manipulating from 2-5 metal swords at a time and had mastered the electrico stream. His instructor reccomended him for examination by the Raikage to become Chunin, but upon hearing his clan name, he was turned down, without any inspection whatsoever. Vindice had become tired of the image of the Kuran, being a family of weaklings. He dedicated himself to working harder and eventually learned the Electrico Cornata and Electrico Reversal. He had been a Genin for 3 years and was now to powerful to keep that rank. The Raikage had choice but to promote him to Chunin.

Chunin Arc: Vindice was now a Chunin but still faced the same kind of prejudice. He was still a Kuran and therefore recieved no missions. His parents told him that there was nothing he could do and that it was all fate. It was then that Vindice snapped. It was because of them that the Kuran were looked down upon. Because they were weak and accepted everything. Vindice believed that the only way the Kuran would get respect was to stop accepting their fate and instead fight it. So Vindice denied that these weak people were ever his parents, and killed them. He then denied that 5 jounin outmatched a single Chunin and managed to kill them. Vindice then fled the village, swearing to continue to deny and fight. He eventually mastered the Electrico Cornata against a group of A-rank missing ninjas, earning himself the same rank. Vindice doesn't want revenge against anything or anyone, he just wants to live his life being seen as something besides a no-good Kuran.

OOC Alias: Vindice, Captain Bravo

Rp Sample: Vindice woke up in a tree, yawning. It was very sunny and he could hear children laughing. He smiled and threw his coat on, despite the heat. He was on the outskirts of Konoha, judging by the types of trees and grass. He had always admired Konoha, so peaceful and prosperous. As he walked, a ball flew straight into his face and knocked him over. Some children looked at him as he got up shaking and began to run, but stopped as they heard him laughing. With a tear in his eye, Vindice got up and tossed the ball back to the kids. "Be more careful next time...with your strength you could kill someone." he said holding his nose in pain. He was a criminal with a kind personality...not something people would expect. Vindice had no money but that wasn't anything new, as he was barely paid while living in Kumogakure. He pulled a kunai from his pocket and decided to get food the old fashioned way. Hunting.
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