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 Inakamono Silens {FINISHED}

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Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Inakamono Silens {FINISHED}   Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:20 pm

General Information
First Name: Silens
Last Name: Inakamono
Alias: Meimu
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Rank: Jonin
Village of Residence: Kirigakure
Title: Clown of the Mist / Weapons Researcher

Appearance: Meimu is about 5'11" making him slightly shorter than average. His entire appearence is a reflection of his clan from the minor detailed face paint to the tips of his shoes. He always wears a large hat with three horns the droop down and sometimes hang infront of his face. At the tips of the horns there are three charms: a sun charm, a moon charm, and a star charm. He wears a rather "fluffy" shirt with a vest over it. His pants are also a little fluffy with colored stripes running vertical. His boots are made of a snug fitting material that fold of into a sort of cuff tieing his pants off at his shins. Silens vest has fabric connected to the back that flails out in a semi-cape giving a little more flare to his outfit.

Clan Information
Name: Inakamono
Kekkei Genkai: Inakamono Aura




Known Members:
Shuin Inakamono
Sangen Inakamono
Silens Inakamono

*Family Tree: Shuin had five Children. Silens is the grandson of Shuin.
*Clan Weapons: Unknown (each member crafts their own weapon as part of the clans traditions)
*Clan Techniques:

Clan Jutsus:

*Clan Abilities: Members of this clan have alternative ways of fighting as well as an alternative dress code. They have near perfect balance and are all skilled acrobats. They are almost all very friendly and often draws crouds near by their own nature of being. Many of the members develope a sort of signature smile that to many could be seen as an emotionless smile, but this smile usualy only shows up in the heat of battle. Rare does anyone of this clan hold major grudges. Due to the high use of this clans members for use of esionage the members of this clan have developed a high will to finish the mission at any costs.

Weapon Information



Jutsu Information



Other Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 2
{C} - 6
{B} - 6
{A} - 1
{S} -

Background Information
The New Generation:

The Clown in the Academy:

The Isolation:

Speedy Progression:

Jonin Life:

OOC Alias: Meimu

Rp Sample: (from a different site and different char)

Zonzo had returned from the leaf shortly after his little sparing round with Amaril. The raikage had chewed him out for taking a little longer than normal, that was usual. He got the whole talk about regarding important paperwork, information scouting, and the like. It was all the same. It wasn't that there was any anger between the kage and Zonzo just that he tended to loaf around when ever he got out of the village. But finally through the lectures, screaming and mission Zonzo was finally off.

Zonzo had long awaited this short break, short but a break still, to get a chance to do some training alone. He thought he should have come back a little earlier to get more time but he couldn't turn up a chance to see some other ninja's abilities. But he was here now and had plenty of time to train.

Zonzo sat at the bow of the boat heading over to the clouds training isle. It was not a friendly place but it had plenty of room to train and an excellent mountain tops to train with lightning releases, and that was the plans for Zonzo. Until he could find a suitable way to expand his arsenal to another element he would have to advance his lighting releases. Zonzo gave a sly smile looking high about the advancing island. "For once no rain" He said out loud giving little chuckle. "Good signs good signs." He said returning his eyes to the closing dock. With in a few more min he would step off onto the island and be stranded there for two days. That was the ferry's only running time, but it didn't stop Zonzo from going.

Zonzo rushed through the edge of the immense island towards the center where it would open up a little more than the rocky ravines he was running through. Zonzo carried with him a pack with plenty of supplies for his two and a half day stay. But more important to Zonzo was the notes he had been gathering of a certain leaf shinobi. Those notes held all the information he would need to start his training. Zonzo hade seen this jutsu once and was amazed at its raw power and decide he had to learn it. He knew it was against the clouds policy to train or train under any other villages ninja but this wouldn't stop Zonzo from studying it down to the last detail. He knew what hand signs the charka placement and how to form it. Zonzo smiled a little as he reached his 'old stomping grounds.'

"Well this is as good as any place" Zonzo said placing his pack down on a small stone plateau where his master would set and watch him train. Zonzo surveyed the area he was so familiar with, remaining a little. It was an open area that was one of the few places that had small shrubs. Other than them there waere bolders spread out that where placed in their current locations by other ninjas preparing for training trips to the island. Zonzo had check out the registration and when he saw that there was blank spot that was the same time as his break he quickly hoped on a boat to get some time alone. There was some kunai and other equipment left over by a few of the careless genin that had been here before Zonzo. "Pity what wasteful kids." He said picking up a few of the kunai and shurikan tossing them into the ground just before his bag. "They won't miss them." He said looking one over for rust.

Moments after he had scanned and cleaned the area of any debrie that might get in his way he lowered himself to his knees in front of a large stone bolder that had been there for as long as he could remember. It was kind of like the leafs memorial in the sense that it was covered in names, but not every name here was of some one who had died. It was just where each of the ninjas that came to the island signed their name to say they had been here. Zonzo lowered his head remembering how his master had instructed him to sign it to keep up the tradition. He said a prayer the raised his head and locked eyes on his signature just bellow his masters. He nodded then stood up and went to his bag.

Zonzo reached in his bag and brought out a small note pad and read over the first few lines. "Alright" he said tossing it back down on top of his bag and turning to face another large boulder. "It's time." He said clenching his hand into a fist. "It can't be that hard to learn Kakashi's Lighting Blade can it." he said with a smile.

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PostSubject: Re: Inakamono Silens {FINISHED}   Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:41 am

An excelent Application, Approved!

Now, you can either start to Rp and go in search for Summoning Contracts, Train, or walk around the Village; or you may work on your Bingo Book entry as that is your Modifiable Character Sheet.

Welcome to NBD!
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Inakamono Silens {FINISHED}
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