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100 Years after the death of Namikaze Naruto, the hero of our world... And this is what we've come to?
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:27 pm

  1. Do NOT Argue with the Staff, there word is Final on whatever they say. But if you disagree, you may take it up with Teo or any other Head Admin.

  2. Please do not Double Post, this counts as Spamming and it will not be tolerated. If you need to add something, please Edit your first post.

  3. This site is rated PG-13. There will be Violence, but please try not to make it too Gorey. Also, anything that goes beyond the point of Kissing in terms of Relationships is prohibited. We don't need a 10 Year old Role-Playing and having to sit through Smut. Although, you can cuddle and do stuff like that, just don't get sexual.

  4. There shall be no God-Modding. God-modding is also known as Power-Playing. This can take on the form of having a Genin be at Jonin Strength, or, having an Un-Beatable/Insta-death Move.

  5. Auto-hitting is another form of God-modding and is also prohibited. You cannot say that your Opponent gets stabbed, it is the job of your opponent to. If you opponent, however, does not state how he/she avoided the Attack or if he/she was hit, you may then refer to this rule and decide their fate.

  6. Meta-gaming is another big topic. An example of Meta-gaming is that you automatically know about a trap your opponent secretly placed, also knowing what kind of trap and where it is located is a form of Meta-gaming.

  7. Once your Character dies, he/she cannot come back. It's just not possible in this game.

  8. Please avoid harassing other members. If you wanna argue that's fine, just don't be calling each other names every two words. Also, please respect other player's race, religion, sexuality and values. We do not want to be responsible for the Death of a Member.

  9. Please do not ask to be a Staff Member, you will be banned.

  10. To become a Kage of a Village with no Kage, you must fill out the following two things and send it to any Admin, upon being accepted as the Kage, you will also recieve 1,000 Chakra.

    Rp Sample: (5 Paragraphs)
    How you became a Kage: (2 Paragraphs)

  11. No Rinnengan Users allowed.

  12. Summons must be Actual Creatures.

  13. There is a minimum Word Count of 100 Words, I think everyone has the ability to type that.

  14. You may only be in 1 In-Character Thread at a time (This Excludes Individual Training Threads). If you need to go somewhere else, please make a post stating you are leaving and somewhere at the end put [Exit].

  15. Swearing is permitted, just don't go around dropping the 'F-Bomb' every 5 seconds.

  16. Any Organizations who would like to attack a Village, must get at least two Admins to sign off on it, just make sure Teo is one of them.

  17. When posting a topic, please place in either one of the following terms, or something along the lines of them in the subject.
    - [No Fighting]
    - [No Killing]
    - [Private]
    - [(Your Name) Only]

  18. The TM (Thread Master) is the one who created the thread and controls the Order of Posting and Rules of the Thread. If the TM leaves their thread, please contact a Moderator to solve this problem and name a new Thread Master. If no TM is found in 24 Hours, the thread is counted as a dead thread and all participants must state their exit.

  19. The Puppet Limits are as follows:
    -Genin: 2 Puppets
    -Chuunin: 4 Puppets
    -Jonin/Anbu: 6 Puppets
    -Kage: 8 Puppets
    -Sannin/Puppet Sages: 10 Puppets

  20. When you become a Missing Nin, you are the same rank as you were when you left your home Village. Although, you can obtain more Jutsu limits and become stronger by PMing an Admin with Training Points.

  21. Please put all Pictures that will widen the thread/forum width inside spoiler tags.

  22. If a Village's Registration is closed, please do not argue with Staff about it. Either wait until it's open again, or have fun in another Village.

  23. Formatted, Enlarged, and Colored Text outside of Creation Apps, Advertisements, and the Spam Section are reserved for Admin and Moderators only. Admins and Mods will be Pmed the Official Color Sheet once they gain Staff Power.

  24. Multiple Characters are allowed, but please abide by the following rules!

Rules are subject to change at any time. Please check back often for new rules.
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General Rules
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