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 Back Against the Wall~Digimon RP

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PostSubject: Back Against the Wall~Digimon RP   Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:55 am


The Digital world that was saved by the Digidestined was safe and peaceful, a world that anyone would want to live in. That was, until the foretelling came about, announcing the arrival of darkness once more, when the four 'Harmonious Ones’ would divide the Digital World. That they would turn against each other, and could only be stopped when the Digidestined appeared in their world once more.

It was then that the Digimon began to fear that the world that they had known for so long now, would change once more. That it would once more turn to many deaths, lands destroyed and again, a place where they would have to hide in terror. So they devised a plan, they would take the Digidestined and train them while they were still young, removing them from the world known as Earth and taking them to the Digital World.

It took them a while to gather all of the children, especially since many made it difficult, but they managed it. While collecting the children, they even managed to snag the original Digidestined's children. Training them to be the best Tamers that they could be, all in order to make sure they stood a chance against the Harmonious Ones and darkness when the time came. These children, who soon became young adults, never saw their earth again, and instead were separated into different parts of the land.

Some going to the north, others to the east and west, and the rest to the south. It was there, that they trained and became stronger, but it was also in their separate lands that they began to follow the words of the powerful Digimon, the Harmonious ones that each controlled a section of the Digital World.

Now, with the Digidestines dividing and joining different forces the Digimon have even more to worry about, the war may be coming faster than they imagined with the factions growing stronger they can only hope for the best.

Friends will become enemies, people and Digimon who were from the same areas will turn against each other or choose to fight, while others will take no part. But what choice will you make?

When time is running out, and your back's against the wall.

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Back Against the Wall~Digimon RP
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