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 Massato trains with Hachibi

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PostSubject: Massato trains with Hachibi   Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:05 am

The man would enter the training room of the Hachibi, shedding off his Kage robes and standing shirtless. In this room, there was a man made lake made to suit the Hachibi's enviornment.

Sitting down, his legs crossed, he would begin to delve deep into the depths of his mind, searching for the prison that held the Hachibi.

What do you want? The Hachibi's growl was ferocious.
"I want you to help me become stronger... Because, if I don't, and I can't access your chakra when I need it, I could die in a fight."
I see your point..

Massato awoke with a start, he looked down to see that same Purple/black chakra coating him. He looked into the water of the crystal clear lake and could see horn-like structures on his elbows. He formed a few katas, his voice coming out in a mixture of his voice and the Hachibi's deep growling voice.
"Raiton: Hiraishin." as he says this, he would begin to feel electricity dance in his right palm. Running to a tree, he would aim the palm at it. As soon as the palm connected, small burn marks appeared on the tree. Once the jutsu was finished, Massato fell to the ground, the chakra cloak gently receeding.

I hope you are happy. You now have control over about half a tail. The Hachibi growled this making it seem like he wasn't very happy.

Massato woke on the dock, sitting up and instantly feeling lightheaded as he did so.
"Thanks, Hachi," he would say.

Deciding to take a break, he would remove the bottle of water from his pouch and look into the crystal clear water. Seeing his reflection looking a bit dirty, he would smooth out his long crimson hair. Finishing his meal, he would set aside the last of it for later. Forming a few handseals, he says, "Suiton: Mizubunshin."

As he dived deep into his mind, he now found a different place. He was in the seaside area where he had found Hachibi. Walking down to the docks, he would sit, his feet dangling in the water.
"Oh, Hachi," he called out. "Give me one more round?"

Hachibi would burst out of the water, a brilliant display of water droplets causing several rainbows to dance in the air before disappearing. Hachibi let out a low deep growl, shattering the silence.

Massato woke on dry land, hundreds of clones made of water surrounding him. His eyes would dart to the clones nervously, his tounge dashing out and licking his lips. He would let out a low gutturral growl before running foward, a slight speed increase to his already fast nature. As he nears the first clone, he would fire off a roundhouse kick to the face, aiming a lightning drven elbow to a clone behind him. As he draws the dual scythes on his side, the hilt of each being about two feet long and pointed at the end, he would swing the left blade at a clone, trying to decapitate him. With his right blade, he will jab the hilt backwards, piercing a clones stomach. Any bystanders would notice that the hilt of each blade were completely the same. Both had jagged edges, both were about three and a half feet in length, and both ended in a jagged point that split off just slightly to make a barb-like end on the scythes. There was one difference, though. One was red, and one was green. Why red? To show his ties to the Kurochi. Why green? To show his ties to Konohagakure. The blades were made of some crystalline matter that was most likely diamond despite the odd colors.

These deadly weapons were already fast, but as Massato enhanced lightning to them, they were even faster. In the Academy, he was known as the fastest runner in all the village. Now, without the aid of a high-ranking occular vision, he was less than a blur.

Soon, all the clones were finished. Massato had a strange look on his face. It showed pain, happiness, and exhaustion. Falling into a deep slumber, he awoke in the beautiful shorelines of Kumogakure once again.

You did well today, Massato.. The Hachibi spoke to him. The only one who has able to learn this fast was Killer Bee.
Massato beamed with pride and said, "Thanks, Hachibi. If you help me, I'll help you. That's the way it works."
I'd like to talk to you, Massato. Hachibi said.
"Sure, what's up?" the Hokage answered.
Why do you people view us as weapons of mass destruction?
"I think that some villages have a rather long and.. violent.. history with Bijuu. I think the Nidame Hokage changed that, though. Naruto Uzumaki housed the Kyuubi within. He was one of the greatest Shinobi that ever lived."
Yes, I remember him, Hachibi said, perhaps delving into his age-old mind searching for some memories of the time spent with Killer Bee and Naruto Uzumaki.
"I really must be going now," Massato said. "Maybe, when I'm up to it again, we can train some more."
Hachibi growled his agreement and relinqueshed his hold on the Hokage's unconcious mind.

Massato awoke, wet from laying in a puddle of water. Sitting down, he would finish off his meal in peace. It was only then that Massato spotted the various bloodstains on the rock walls.
"Hmm..." Massato said, lost in thought.

Standing up, Massato gathered up his Kage robes, slipping them on to keep the bite of cold that was surely going to greet him outside. Before setting out to Konoha, he placed the Anbu mask on his face. The Hokage had had it specially designed to represent a bull on the mask.

Before beginning the long trek back, he would make sure the door to the Hachibi room was sealed. Pulling the hood of his robes up to cover his crimson hair, he would start his journey towards Konoha.

As he nears the village gates, an Anbu would approach him and ask him how it went. "Fine, thank you." The Anbu escorted the Hokage back to the building. Later that evening, Massato conversed a little more with the Hachibi, discussing human affairs and answering any questions the Hachibi wanted answered.
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Massato trains with Hachibi
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