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PostSubject: Kurochi, Massato   Kurochi, Massato I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 3:03 pm

General Information

First Name: Massato
Last Name: Kurochi
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Rank: Jounin
Village of Residence:Konohagakure
Title: N/A
Appearance: shoulder length red hair, straight. Bangs fall just above his eyes. He is very tall, about 6'5'' but can move quite fast for someone of his stature. Along with his thin body, he's quite lanky. He may not look it but he's actually quite muscular.

Clan Name: Kurochi [Dark Blood]

Clan Members: Massato

Kekkei Genkai Name: Chiton [Blood Release]

Ability: The Kekkei Genkai of the enigmatic Kurochi clan is beautiful yet terrifying. Utilizing one's own blood, a skilled Kurochi could do many things ranging from a sea of hardened blood spikes, to creating a variety of weapons from hardened blood. Yet, the simplest and most rudimentary skill of Kurochi is their magnificent healing abilities. It is said that the strongest Kurochi can only be dispatched permanently by a single attack, and that weakness is a closely guarded secret.

Weapon Information

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Jutsu Information

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Other Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

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{S} -

Background Information

History: Please seperate into Arcs.

OOC Alias: Silver

Rp Sample: <Ten> Kurochi ^Agares arrives.
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato steps into the small clearing that is the plains. Dropping his Kage Robes to the floor, he would discard his Kage hat, aswell. Upon his hips, two scythes were confined by chains. His red hair was combed to where the bangs fell straight down, just above his eyelids. Grinning, he would pull the left scythe from the chains. The hilt of this blade was about 2 feet in length, the blade about 3 1/2. It was red in color. The second scythe was the exact same but blue in color. Agares would notice th-
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato that the blades were formed of a crystalline matter. Despite the color, said matter was most likely diamond. "You may have first move," he would call across the plains.
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares rolled his neck, to which a cacophony of cracking sounds rebounded throughout the plains, and then, as abruptly as a sea storm could conjure, pulled the katana sheathed securely at his hip from it's scabbard, dashing forward at an extreme gait. The gold and crimson katana glinted with malice in the moonlight that dappled the plains in silver, and as Agares brought the katana downwards in a reverse-vertical arc, the blade seemingly hummed with a macabre glee --- as if it could sense the -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - blood that could possibly be spilt should it bite into the flesh atop Massato's head.
As the great Kurochi toppled, the earth, which had become sodden with a crimson liquid that staled the air with a metallic scent, would suddenly give way to a pillar whose hue matched the hue of Agares's hair: a deep and malevolent crimson. The pillar, albeit forcefully, righted Agares nigh instantaneously, and although he dealt with the recoil of the contact, his body swung back before Massato's scythe could cut through his neck. Now having the apparent leverage upon Massato, Agares -
- aimed a simple, open handed chop to the shaft of Massato's scythe; simply indeed, but inundated with a plethora of vigor, the shock of which would most likely result in the relinquishing of the hold Massato had on the scythe, as well as a recoil effect on Massato's arm.
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato 's scythe would go spiraling into the air, landing on the ground about twenty feet away. Forming a few handseals, he would mutter, "Kouton: Ukojizai." as he says this, a heavy rain would begin to fall. Said rain would be infused with chakra. The chakra worked similar to the Secret Mist Technique does. The only difference is that, neither the opponent or the user can see one another. Crawling on his hands and knees, his pale skin getting drenched, he would slice the-
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato palm of his hand open on the blade of his scythe. "Shit!" he would mutter quietly. Tracing a finger down the flat of the blade, he would find the handle and quickly grasp it. Moving quickly, he wouldfind shelter in the thick foliage that surrounded the outer edges of the plain. As abruptly as it began, the rain would end. The earth would be soft, the grass dripping of dew. Laying in his cover, he would ready his scythes.
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares merely waited until the brief bout of the god's sorrow ended, relishing in the minute wash of refreshing cool rain. Once the final signs of rain faded to naught, Agares set his eyes to swiveling about the vicinity; but to no avail, he could not find his prey. No matter, he had other ways to bait out his adversary. "So I see you like rain," he said as he delved into a set of kata with such ferocity --- it was almost as if he believed the kata to be his final lifeline tethering him to -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - the world of the living, and that it's completion would mark the final method of ascertaining his spot in humanity. "Well, we'll see just how much you like the rain when it turns blood red!" Cackling quite insanely, Agares ended his kata on an anomalous contortion of his hands, before upturning them both to the heavens, thus eliciting the oddest of reactions thus far from the surroundings, Instantaneously, the residual water that remained in the wake of the brief downpour gathered -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - atop Agares's head in a spherical shape; a dome of water that floated in the air, suspended there by the whim of Agares's chakra. At first the dome retained a clearness to it that one would attribute to water; but eventually a cloud of red began to billow within the sphere, tainting it until the entire construct was bathed in distilled, crimson hue. Agares raised this gargantuan orb high above his head, before whispering a fairly simple command: "Chi Shigure." And with that said, the -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - sphere broke apart all at once, and tendrils of scarlet-tainted water burst into the heavens, until the air ripped apart the tendrils, leaving naught but teardrop-reminiscent drops of water to fall back upon the earth. In that very moment, the sky dropped a deluge of blood-infected water upon the earth; a deluge that washed the young man's blood upon every tangible object in the vicinity, no doubt splashing upon the body of the young Kurochi currently hiding in the plain area.
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato would leap out of the foliage. His palm was bleeding freely now. And why not? He was a Kurochi after all. Blood usually gave him the slight upper hand. Slapping his hands together, the blood splashing outwards a little bit, Massato would form a few handseals. Before the blood could hit the ground, it reformed into a small wave-like structure. This couldn't classify as a wall, just a small blunt force. Should it connect with the abdomen of Agares, he would be knocked off the pedestal from whi-
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato which he stood on, connecting with the soft earth below, most likely winding the man.
In the glory of the conclusion of his jutsu, Agares was indeed caught unawares by this impromptu wave of blood; and truly, who wouldn't, as it blended in perfectly with the surrounding splash of color. Toppled once more, Agares fell upon the earth, landing on his back into the bloodied and muddied earth. He made no move to rise, however; instead, he merely drummed an incessant tune upon the sodden earth, to which, accordingly, blood began to rise from the, well, blood drenched earth. -
- It began as something subtle, mere disturbances in the ground, but as Agares's tune wore on, the disturbances became great tremors in the earth --- and then, all at once, blood and earth were abruptly torn away from the ground. The result: a great chunk of earth that levitated above Massato's head. A smirk beginning to dance across his lips, Agares made a slicing, downwards motion with his right hand, and, in compliance, the chunk of crimson earth fell with a comic and eerie -
- finality, attempting to crush Massato under its weight.
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato forms a single handseal just as the earthern mass of rock would have crushed him. As the rock hits the ground, the sound of splintering wood would be heard throughout(Sp?) the clearing. As Massato's form flickers next to the rock. "Nice try," he would say. That being said, he would stand in a defensive position, ready for any assault the man had.
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares rose steadily, his geta squelching as he struggled to get a firm grip upon the sodden earth. "You say that as if my assault is over. Have you no memory, young Kurochi? My blood exists nearly everywhere in this area, meaning nearly anything is viable to attack. For example..." Agares began to dash forward, his gait enhanced several times by the incessant shifting of the earth beneath his feet, sliding him about at a faster speed, and the excess of blood pumping through his arteries in -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - his lower extremities. As he neared Massato, he resorted to the most rudimentary of Chiton ninpo; but perhaps the very technique that had become his trademark. "Chitama," he murmured, his words lost within the tumult produced by the rapid contact between foot and ground. Accordingly, at the tip of his extended index finger, a miniscule bullet of blood quickly formed, hardening to a density that rivaled that of crystal. And with the same abruptness with which it was formed, the bullet -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - shot off silently, whizzing through the night at speeds that should be nigh untraceable to those who's eyes were unaided by ocular techniques. The bullet, aimed in the general vicinity of Massato's right lung, had the potential to rip through Massato's body with relative ease, puncturing a hole through the boy's lung, while, at the same time, leaving residual traces of blood shards embedded within the boy's body. Not a favorable form of damage at all, but one Massato would have to deal -
<Ten> Kurochi ^Agares - with should he not evade the incoming bullet of blood.
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato not expecting the bullet, he would try to move to the side but to no avail. The bullet ripped through his bicep, leaving a clean hole through the other side. Groaning, he holds the arm, trying to stop the blood from flowing. "God dammit!" that being said, he would form a few katas, "Chidori!" he would yell. Charging at the man, the dry blood on his right palm burning away, he would boost his speeds with chakra to the soles. As he reaches the man, he would stretch out his arm, aiming-
<Ten> E-Rank Genin Massato aiming to pierce the man's chest.

In this zone, I'm Massato. Please excuse the cussing.

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