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 Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0

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PostSubject: Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0   Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:12 pm

Hello there, I am glad you are reading this. If you are reading this, it will mean that you are interested to know more about this site. Firstly, this RPG is known as Naruto Lost Dimension. This site is a part two of the number one Naruto Lost Dimension. Naruto LD as we like to call it, is a naruto role-playing site that has been around for a year. This site was first found by a member called , Zero is a great role-player with years of experience. He is a well known, respected person who cares much about his members. Though Zero did not make Naruto Lost Dimension alone. Two of his members and helped him with the site. After Naruto LD, the first one died. Kratos Shinigami made a part two of the site, to try to revive Naruto LD in general. This site was made by Zero, and it was then made by Kratos Shinigami. Two others helped Kratos Shinigami revive the site. So Naruto LD needs your help to revive it. Not just that, but by joining Naruto LD. You are helping and contributing to the site by registering, cause by increasing traffic. Activity would be much better, than inactivity. So please join Naruto LD.

So, what can you expect from Naruto Lost Dimension that you may not from another forum? Well, you can expect many things such as a good original theme with custom designing, a unique system and much more. We use a new system here on Naruto Lost Dimension, that the first Naruto LD did not have. Now do not get terrified. The site is still fun, we have a kind of level system where users can rank up by role-playing. In this role-playing game you must start out as a genin, unless you get a staff members permission to start as a higher, above rank. The only way to bypass the starting to genin rule is by showing us your general role-playing on other sites. Even though we have a new implemented system, that the first Naruto LD did not have. We are still the same as before and we must start out as a genin. The site is still well done, and is very fun. So experience Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0 now!

Besides this, Naruto Lost Dimension presents a complete system of general over sixty Jutsu, Skills and Items for one to purchase using an easy going money system, rather than the usual "role play to get", which will increase the feeling that you are working for a community and getting a share of it, like a real job! Not disregarding customs that are always allowed. You must request for any kind of additional things though. To purchase and request jutsu, you must meet the requirements. But when it comes to things like the sharingan, you must train and role-play for it.

The plot is created by them embers of Naruto Lost Dimension. We let the members choose their own shinobi paths, and make a huge impact to the plot. You too can make a huge change for Naruto LD, by role-playing! So click if you wish to make a huge impact to Naruto LD, and enjoy a great role-playing game.

First Impressions - Rating: Excellent

We hope you have a magnificent first impression of our site. We put a lot of time and moderation inspecting the forum trying to make it better. Supplying our members with the best and most up to date forum available with Forumotion services. There are multiple categories to discuss Naruto Anime, Manga and Roleplaying.

Graphics & Layout - Rating: Excellent

Like I said, very neat widgets and a clean and sleek design. The layout provides simple navigation throughout the forum which provides the forum with a huge up in registration. The header is simple and nice.

Forum Activity - Rating: Excellent

We would be lying if we said there was not enough activity on this board. Our forum has an excellent rate of activity. Although you might not be the type to get on everyday, we would suggest to commit more posts each and every day. We offer all sorts of entertainment to our members so that you will always have something to come back to.

Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Excellent

Our forum has the perfect amount of usergroups and Staff Members to match the theme and amount of members on our forum. Our forum contains Staff Groups as well as entertainment groups. We find this to be very professional and decent. So we hope this appeals to all of our new users looking to register with us.

Originality & Unique Quality - Rating: Good

The quality of our forum is far from common. We have spectacular themes and contest for our users enjoyment. Starting with our unique name which sets us apart from the regular Naruto sites you may join. We encourage you to join our top rated site, and we encourage that you help us become bigger and greater.

We Reviewed Our Site! Now Its Time For You To Review It TOO!
Join Naruto: Lost Dimension 2.0 & Experience the great adventure that is......

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Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0
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