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 Pandora's Ascension

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PostSubject: Pandora's Ascension   Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:23 pm

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Quote :


How Vaenice began…

It has been several thousand years since Vaenice was shaken by the Great War that pitted two colossal powers against one another. The result of the war broke the Vaenician Pangaea and scattered the masses of lands across the oceans. One of the races that contributed so much to the world suddenly decided to fade into the dark waves of the ocean as well, leaving behind very little but their teachings. Now it is up to the humans, who emerged as a young race at the end of the war, to do what they wish with Vaenice left in their fragile hands…

And how Vaenice is now…

Much has changed since those ancient times. Humans have established great civilizations across Vaenice, there being five nations who separated from the rest of the bunch to gain dominance in their respective corners of the world. Traveling by sea is preferred by the Vaenician people, unless they are able to afford a ride in the airships which would bring them hastily to their destinations. The Vaenician seas can be a home for many and an inconvenience for some. Many travel across the ocean to find adventure but beware for good-for-nothing pirates lurk the dark trenches of the seas as well.

The return of the Crimson Sun has left the people of the world with a great deal of uncertainty, for no one knows yet what the sign from the heavens meant. However, there is a small group of people who know the truth, who have seen with their own eyes the danger that has been unleashed onto the world. A Fionan has been brought back to life, and though none know his exact intentions, it is obvious that his malevolent presence could prove catastrophic to the world of Vaenice...

Venture into the world of Pandora's Ascension...

Now if you want to know more...

Quote :

Now onto the major powers…

Far into the northwest corners of Vaenice is the land of Exonia, the technological hub whose automation and machinery is matched only by its level of pollution. It is a place where hard work is vital to the success of the people living in Exiona. They tend to carry out their duties during the day, which could range from working in a dark, desolated factory to traversing the busy streets on a bicycle to deliver packages across the city. The greatest minds of the Vaenician times came from Exiona and their efforts have made the world a better place indeed. However, there are those who want to escape from this far from advanced utopian society…

In the northeast one spots Hanshina, the oriental winter land of Vaenice. This nation is known for its cool summers, cold springs, colder autumns, and harsh winters. Despite its freezing temperatures, Hanshina is the center of a culture that is like no other. All forms of fine art are practiced in the land in the Far East such as writing, music and painting. Above all, the Hanshinans are devoted to their emperor, who descended from one of the ancient gods themselves, and he has exercised much wisdom promised peace, and of course displayed the pride of their culture. But recently over the years, he has showed much interest in the ways of the western societies; the military has undergone a slight westernization; and the clothes the Hanshinans wear are changing from traditional to conventional. What could these changes possibly mean for the Hanshinan people?

To the southeast of Vaenice lies Luxaria, with a large desert rich in precious jewels spanning across the northern half of the island, and a lush savanna occupying the south. They are a nation who enjoys the greatest wealth in all of Vaenice, although it is divided heavily amongst the smartest merchants and the nobles. However, the source of the wealth has in return attracted several unwanted people onto the island country. The great deserts that contain these riches are overrun by pirates and some areas even go uncheck due to the impossibility of covering every single region of the desert. Meanwhile, the citizens in the capital city suffer from overcrowding and are sometimes forced to move out into the smaller towns and villages across the savanna. But even then, not everyone can afford to move out of the city and be so far away from work. Instead, they must live with what they have even if they are backed into a dark corner with their backs to the wall.

Tritonia, the mountain fortress in the sea surrounded by wild tides and perilous mountains, this island is a sight to behold. It is home to some of the fiercest warriors the world of Vaenice has seen, who have been trained when they were merely children. They live such a militant lifestyle, the whole world has always expected these warmongering individuals to start a small war at any moment, which they have but nothing has escalated too far recently. Now the world wonders why the Tritonians prepare for a war that will never be fought, or not likely in the near future. But how long can this peace last anyway, with the desire to control the world’s energy source on the minds of the four island country’s leaders?

Venture into the world of Pandora's Ascension...

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Pandora's Ascension
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