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PostSubject: Kagai, Akki [complete]   Kagai, Akki [complete] I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 1:51 pm

General Information

First Name:Akki
Last Name:Kagai
Rank:S-rank missing nin (if possible)
Village of Residence:Kirigakure
Title:Reaper of the mist
Appearance: Kagai, Akki [complete] Rozen%20Maiden%20-%20Dark%20Angel

Although Akki is 29 years old she looks alot younger around 15 years old,She is always seen wearing a black Gothic style dress, Her eyes are a deep grey and her hair is whitish,grey. Over her hair she wears a black lace gothic style hair band. In the skirts of her dress hides a small pouch full of Kunai and shuriken. Strapped across her chest is a leather bandoleer of 7 bells. Her Skin is pale almost dead looking, she is also sometimes seen wearing a black robe with sliver keys over her dress the robe has a hood that can be pulled up to hide her face.

Clan Information

Place Clan and Kekkei Genkai Template here!

Clan:Abhorsen Clan

Description:The Abhorsen are as close to death as anyone can be, the line between life and death for the Abhorsen is paper thin. This allows the Abhorsen clan to physically walk in and out of death itself although once dead themselves they will pass beyond the ninth gate of death never to walk in the living again. The closeness to death also allow some strange genjutsu that only the Abhorsen clan can use these genjutsu are done using special bells each with their own unique use

Extra Abilites:Name:Death Walking Jutsu

Rank: D

Type: Supplimentary

Element: N/A

Chakra cost 20

Description: To anyone watching then this jutsu is used it would seem as if the Abhorsen clan member had just frosted over and icilces had started to form on their body but to the user they had entered death itself. Death is a cold fast flowing river with Nine reigions and Nine gates that seperate the regions. While within death the Abhorsen can use their bells to call,bind and use the Spirits for their own use this is only really used while finding spirits for Summoning Jutsu. This jutsu can also be used to get information from spirits in death.

Name:Soul Binding Jutsu

Rank: C

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 45

Description: To use this Genjutsu Akki will be using her third biggest Bell Saraneth. After Ringing the bell up and down then in a strange Figure of eight the bell will ring out each note sounding different all who hear the sound will have their souls bound in place unable to move. This Genjutsu however isn't to powerful and can be broken using pain or a louder noise to disrupt the ringing of the bell, It is also unable to affect anybody of Jounin rank or those who are familiar with Genjutsu. While i death the Genjutsu is used to Bind Souls to be used for Summoning Jutsu. This jutsu will only last 2 posts

Name: Ringing of Sleep Jutsu

Rank: C

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra Cost: 40

Description: To use this Genjutsu Akki will be using her smallest bell Ranna. After ringing the bell up and down those who hear the sound will be cast into a deep sleep. Again this jutsu cannot affect high level Ninja and Genjutsu experts, this jutsu can be used before soul bind to make its affects alot more potent. While in death this Jutsu will put restless Spirits back to sleep so they are of no harm to the Abhorsen. This jutsu will only work for 3 posts

Name: Genjutsu Breaking Ring

Rank: B

Type: Genjutsu


Chakra cost: 70

Description: To use this Genjutsu Akki will be using Mosrael after ringing the bell the sound will be enough to break the affects of most Genjutsu however it will not work against Any genjutus of the same level or above and sometimes the sound will fall flat as Mosrael is a lazy bell and doesn't like to be rung.

Name:Forceful walking Jutsu

Rank: D

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 30

Description: In life this jutsu is somewhat usless and seems to do nothing but in death this jutsu is highly useful using Kibeth the sound of the bell will send Spirits on a walk through the nine gates of death to their final resting place, In life this genjutsu has been known to make animals walk forward without control of their own limbs.

Name: Talker jutsu

Rank: A

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 85

Description: Using the bell known as Dyrim Akki will direct the sound of the ring towards someone caught in the binding jutsu or very fatigued on hearing the sound they become tranced and answer any questions she asks them, This Genjutsu isn't always successful and the hearer must be very tired or very bound when used. In death this jutsu will allows spirits who have long lost the ability to talk to once again speak.

Name: Memory Revisited Jutsu

Rank: A
Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 90

Description: To use this Genjutsu Akki will be using the Bell known as Belgaer. On ringing this bell the person Akki has chosen to hear it will be put into a trance and thrust back into the own mind Allowing them to remember things long forgotten or things that have been locked away from them. For this jutsu to work the hearer must be willing to have the jutsu work on them or else it just sounds like the tole of a bell

Name: Death Jutsu

Rank: S

Type: Genjutsu

Element: n/a

Chakra cost: 200

Description:This is a one use Genjutsu and one use only after ringing the largest bell known as Astarael, Whome ever is one breath away from death will be instantly sent to rest but this Jutsu holds a high price it will also send the ringer far into death with no return. This is final and will only be used when no option is left.

Name: Feel of death jutsu

Rank: B

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 70

Description: With great skill and care Akki will be holding both Saraneth and Ranna, the binder and the sleeper after ringing them in a complex motion they will ring out and those who hear it will feel what it is like in death a great cold will take them and make then shiver so cold it is hard to move their body will be so cold their breath will be visable although this jutsu cannot kill it will severaly slow down anyone who hears it. Like all of the Genjutsu used by the Abhorsen it will not affect a Genjutsu user.

Forms:Abhorsen clan members are noticeable by the bell bandoleer they carry and the silver keys embroided onto their cloaks
Levels: D-S rank

Weapon Information

Place Weapon Template here for each Weapon!

Name: 7 Bells
Rank: D-S

Apperance:A set of 7 bells used for her genjutsu each Bells has a purpose. Each bell seems to have a mind of its own as will try to ring of their own accord. each bell is silver with a mahogany handle.

Kagai, Akki [complete] Bells
Saraneth the binder
Ranna the sleeper
Mosrael the waker
Kibeth the walker
Dyrim the speaker
Belgaer the thinker
Astarael the weeper

These bells are used for powerful Genjutsu known only to the Abhorsen clan

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!


Name: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu - Mist Servant Technique

Rank: D

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 25

Description: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that creates false attackers to delay and confuse the enemy. Though these servants are not real, the actual ninja is able to remain hidden and throw kunai and shuriken matching the movements of the servants. This makes it appear the false servants are capable of attacking. When the enemy attempts to attack the servant, they will merely disrupt the servants illusion body but not destroy it.

Name: Kokuangyou no Jutsu - Journey into Black Darkness Technique

Rank: A

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 88

Description: Kokuangyou no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique which causes the ninja's opponent to be enveloped in total darkness. While in the black void, the ninja will be unable to see any incoming attack or threat.

Name: Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu - Sly Mind Affect Technique

Rank: C

Type: Genjutsu


Chakra cost: 45

Description: Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique which causes the target to travel around in circles. If the ninja is unable to detect the illusion very quickly, they can become exhausted mentally and physically when they are unable to reach their desired target by traveling along the same path over and over.

Name: Magen • Jigoku Gouka no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Fire Technique

Rank: C

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 40

Description: Magen • Jigoku Gouka no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a vision of fire. After forming the needed handseals, a huge ball of fire will descend from the sky to envelope his target. The victims of the genjutsu will believe they are being engulfed by a torrent of fire and flee their location for safety.

Name: Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing Technique

Rank: D

Type: Genjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 30

Description: Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will use the serpent hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Spiritualism Technique

Rank: C

Type: Ninjutsu

Element: N/A

Chakra cost: 50

Description: A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals, objects and the dead to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows them to summon different size and skill levels of creature. The ability to summon more advanced animals largely depends upon the amount of chakra the ninja can muster to perform the jutsu. To summon the creature the ninja will wipe blood on the hand, perform the necessary handseals and then touch their hand to the ground or another object. Though it appears that as long as significant pressure is placed against the blood in some form, the summon will be complete. There can be variations to the summoning steps, some ninja like Temari will wipe blood on her fan, then by swinging the fan the animal is summoned. Other ninja like Orochimaru wipe the blood across a snake tattoo on their arm first, then touch the ground.

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 4
{C} -5
{B} -2
{A} -3
{S} -2

Background Information

Born from death
A fierce and harshly cold river seemed to pull at a young newborn baby the sound of a waterfall could be heard in the distance, Darkness surrounded everything the sound of the waterfall and the flowing river was at the seemed to exist, the baby was unconsious not breathing, A cold dark hand gripped the babe pulling it from the rivers and holding it in close to their body, A voice echoed in the darkness "Hand the child over and i shall let show you mercy if you do not then i shall send you back to where you came"

A gurgley laugh sounded next the thing holding the child convulsed as it cackled "Ahhh Abhorsen you are to weak you think you can just ask, if you want the baby then you will have to take it from me" Laughed the dark being the next noise was that of a bell being sounded and the splash of water as the baby fell back into the river gripped by the current the baby rushed towards the waterfall. A strong warm hand pulled the babe up and held it close and walked down river a bright light shone in the distance and not long after the person known as Abhorsen stepped into the light and back to the land of the living. A group of people stood round him, a midwife and a Chuunin. Icicley fell from Abhorsen's body as he moved the baby who was unmoving not long ago started to cry and scream the midwife moved quickly brining warm towels to wrap the babe in. The Chuunin turned to Abhorsen his face pure white as if he had seen a ghost and he almost had "T-t-that child was dead what did you do". Abhorsen just smiled is face now bright

"I have done as my clan has for years and walked into death itself and saved this child, her name is Akki and she is my daughter"

Growing up with death
Akki was an Abhorsen only two at a time existed. Being part of this clan meant that death was always close, normally not seen by mortals until they drew their last breath, it was different for Akki all she had to do was close her eyes and concentrate and the cold fast current of the river of death would be around her ankles trying to drag her under and through the nine gates that seperated the reigons of death. From the young age of 2 Akki was taught by her fathers they way of the clan, their job to use their unique form of genjutsu to put the spirits of those long dead and restless to peace and to battle those who would wish to use these spirits for evil or just Ninja who had strayed to far from the light to ever be accepted by their village again.

Akki's first proper brush with death came at the age of 4 when in her sleep she accidently slipped into death, the river tried as it always did to pull her under but the 2 years training from her father had taught her to hold her ground and the bitter cold was nothing more than a tingle. Something lurked in the darkness that was death it was ready to strike, it was a long dead genin, so long it had spent in death it was barely recognisable as that which it was in like the only thing that gave it away was the headband with the Kiri symbol around its head. The thing slowly sloshed through the river towards Akki unlike her father she had no bells to protect herself but like the Abhorsen before her she had learnt to use the genjutsu by whitle alone. As the Genin walked closer Akki started a high pitch whistle, the Genin's spirit froze where it stood bound by the genjutsu another whistle followed and the Genin turned on is heal letting out an ear splitting howl before the torrent of the distant waterfall stopped the Genin had been sent past the ninth gate of hell to forever rest in peace. Akki was brought back to life by the warm touch of her father who was kneeling over worrying about his daughter,He had made a decision that she was to attend the Kiri Ninja Academy it was to dangerous for her to travel with him for while she did his enemies became hers.

First day of the Academy
Akki's first day of the academy was nerve racking to say the least this was the first time she had ever been seperated from her father and she wasn't used to talking to anyone other than her father and their cat/bound spirit Mogget back at his home. As she walked into the class room for the first time she looked about and her stomach notted and her heart jumped into her throat. There were alot of people mulling around talking, Akki however just stayed quiet in the back and sat down. Not long after their teacher walked in her smiled at the class and cleared his throat "Class today we have a new person joining us her name is Akki Abhorsen she is quite shy so i hope we can all be kind to her" The whole class turned round to look at her and Akki just sunk deeper into her seat trying to avoid their gaze.

At lunch time things started getting bad she looked and sounded different from everyone and several of her class mates started to pick on her making fun of her pale skin or the way she dressed. This upset Akki and she missed her father dearly she missed the smell of death that hung about him she missed the sound of his bells as he sent the spirits of the dead to rest. One thing kept her going and that was that one day the bells would come to her and she would become the last Abhorsen.

Final days of a dying wish
Things were still hard for Akki she wasn't learning but not because she wasn't picking it up but because her Clan forbid it if she learnt anything but genjutsu then she would be slaughtered in cold blood and snet beyond the Ninth gate. One a dark moon less night something woke Akki as she opened her eyes she was a darkshap that looked human with claw like hands. Akki pursed her lips to whistle and banish that which she knew to be a spirit but there was a chance that other Students would find out about her and her amazing gift, it was not uncommon for other people to see ghosts or spirits infact the reason alot of people didn't see anything was because they didn't belive. As she was about to whistle the dark being Pulled a small sack out of nowhere and placed it on the ground then vasnished, Akki walked over to the bag and looked inside, Akki's face became paler than usual for inside the bag were her fathers bells and a green bound book that Akki knew to well the Book of death a book that held everything an Abhorsen needed to know about their clan and the Jutsu hey used., something had happened to him and now she was the only Abhorsen left until another was born, or brought in by Akki.

Akki spent the whole night crying she was devistated her crying brought several Teacher running and she had to explain of the news she had just been given but she also vowed to complete the academy and become a Strong Shinobi and track down the person who killed her father wether they be alive or dead.

End of the Academy the Genin of death is born
Graduating for Akki was hard because she had to do it in a way other than using basic Academy jutsu because she wasn't allowed to learn them although she was the last of her Clan she planned to follow their rules to the letter. After the long and hard process of completing the exam she was now a genin and it didn't take long before she was part of a genin team.

The first day meeting her Genin team was a scary day for Akki she was different and everyone knew it and the information about her clan was starting to spread around the Village. As she entered the training ground her Sensai and team members were already waiting and she was far to late. Akki bowed in appology as she approached her sensai didn't seem to happy with her. Training began quickly and their sensai wanted to know what they could do Akki didnt want to but had no choice using her bells she unleash some of her Genjutsu. Her jounin Sensai was shocked and happy at what she could do at such a young age but Akki had spent countless nights reading the book of death that her father left her learning everything an Abhorsen should know, she hopped that soon she would learn more powerful genjutsu than she can already use.

Training ended and Akki left to again study the book that was now here life. While studying Akki fell Asleep, as she dreamt her father came to her but it didnt look like him is body was contorted in a weird way he told her to be careful for dark forces were conspiring against her.

Akki awoke in a cold sweat she wasnt sure if it was a dream of if it was real but either way it scared the life out of her.

Chuunin Exam Mess up the easy way through
The day of the Chuunin exams came quicker than Akki had expected and she was nervous this was bigger than anything she had ever done, the first part was the written test which she figured out quickly and used her way into death as the greatest cheat of them all after all the dead cant be seen if they dont want to be. The second part was in the forest of death, Akki and her team breezed through without to much af a problem a couple of bruises and cuts but no serious harm, only the final stage the one on one battle were left, Akki wasn't so sure she would make it through this but little did she know things would work out better than she had ever hoped, In some freak act none of her opponents showed up for their matches and the person she was meant to go against in the final ran away in fear of who he had to fight, he knew of her closeness of death. This was the first time in history that a Genin had gotten through the exams without fighting a single person but she had passed none the less she was now a Chuunin.

Things were a little better for Akki as a Chuunin she got alot more respect from her fellow Ninja and her gift was recognised.

A path into the shadows never to return
After a while of being Chuunin a kind of darkness gripped Akki she was no longer the same as she used to be she was quieter and seemed alot more morbid she spent all her time on her own or talking to the dead, her skin had gone paler than usual and the spoke little to anyone, the thoughts in her head were different she no longer wanted to help others like her father once did instead she wanted to hurt them, this scared her slightly and she decided that during a dark night she would flee the village never to return.

Many nights dreams came horrible dreams of Death and destruction, Blood and gore. Most people would wake from these dreams shaken Akki woke witha grin on her face she was no longer the Akki everyone once knew on the night she was meaning to flee the Village she instead went on a killing spree, she killed several families before the Village Jounin knew what was happening and they tracker her down she managed to kill 2 of them before escaping the village and leaving forever, although hunter nins were dispatched to track her down.

Akki moved from village to village enslaving souls and keeping them she knew she was powerful and needed to show it she had heard of anpowerful Missing-nin who wanted nothing more than power and she wanted to track them down and take them on matter what she knew her Death gift would come in handy.

Tracking down the missing ninja
Akki had been on the road for many years now, everytime she thought she was close to another missin-nin she had missed them but in these years she had become very powerful both in her gift and as a ninja, she had come across alot of Kiri's Hunter nins who were still tracking her but they were easily dispatched, and old friend had also joined her one who long ago scared her it was a small white cat known as Mogget, Mogget although he seemed like a cat was actually something more dark, Something bound long ago by the first Abhorsen. In ninja terms Akki was now at least known as an s-rank missing-nin and well known in Kiri's bingo book and fairly well known in other villages.

On a bright moon light night Akki heard word of a missing-nin being seen near where she was, Akki moved with great haste, the heavens seemed to open and it started to rain badly, she was soaked to the bone when she happened upon an small unnamed village one she didn't recognised alot of bodies littered the streets she could feel the death in the air and the strong sense of chakra also. Mogget pawed about rushing between her legs a cold smile on his cat face thats when Akki saw it was the missing-nin standing there corpses surrounded him he had been up to something and she wanted to be part of it, after a long talk and convinsing him she was not the enemy he said he would introduce her to his friends.

OOC Alias:Akki

Rp Sample:
The rain poured down the ground was moist and slippy, A group of what looked like people sloshed about not seeming to mind the cold or the wet, A young looking female stood barking orders, on closer inspection the people weren't quite human their flesh hung off their faces contorted in strange shapes some limbs barely hanging on. One of the Humans Shuffled along and fell to its face unable to move the female walked over and drew a bell from the bandoleer over her chest it sounded out everything seemed to stop, the fallen form vanished and everything went back to normal. A small white cat Padded over to the young girl and looked up its coat matted from the pouring rain

"Things are coming along nicely Abhorsen but i still think you shouldn't have take your fathers place you are to sloppy" the cats speech was odd half purr have sarcasim, Akki shot him a look
"Silence Mogget you were bound by an Abhorsen and shall serve them for all eternity so you have no place to say what is good and what is not" Lightning lit the sky and Akki grinned this was her way to power she would take over several villages and enslave as many souls as possible then the world and Konoha would see how deadly she was Akki Abhorsen the Lady of death.

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