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 Vash and the Nibi

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Vash Ryukehei

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PostSubject: Vash and the Nibi   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:46 pm

Vash would slowly approach the gate to the Biju training facility, screams of past occupants seeming to echo through time to his ears. Roaring of unspeakable monsters accompanying them and suddenly ending the wails. Entering the gates he could see faint blood stains, invisible to the untrained eye, spattering the wall.

"Not exactly a cheery place or an encoraging sign..."

Blocking out the disturbing noises he would push open the door that had a sign saying "Nibi" over it. On the other side of that great steel door would be a cavernous room. The walls of the room would be covered in intracate carvings depicting a heroic tale. But before one could even get halfway through the tale, gouge marks would appear. The claw marks would look viciously painfull, the jagged marks reaching from cieling to floor.

"With that threatening note I suppose I should begin."

Sitting on the floor, Vash would begin to medetate, reaching into the deepest parts of his mind to contact the nanbi. (in his mind) He would walk a long corridor water dripping from the cieling with a steady beat "drip... drip... drip" He would reach a chamber that mirrored the one on the outside but had a large gate in the background. Blue eyes, just as cold as Vash's would slowly open and a low growl would echo through the cavern.

(Nibi)"Vassshh... Why are you here?"

"I have come to help us become even more powerfull Nibi, surely you would agree to that?"

(Nibi)"I have no wish to wake from my slumber Vash..... But getting stronger does have it's perks.... I shall lend you my power..."

"I knew you would see it my way.."

Vash's body would convulse, pushing him forward onto his hands and knees. Two whisker tattoos would appear on both sides of his face, his teeth sharpening into fangs. Slowly, the red chakra would seep out of his body to form the demon cloak. One tail would slowly push itself outward, waving back and forth in the air. Vash would wince at the pain that would corse through his body due to the heavy chakra that was pounding through it.

"This power... It's incredible."

He would take a large rock that had fallen from the cieling due to a previous attempt by the last Nibi host. To test his new strength he would try to squish it between his hands. withing senconds of half power, the rock would have turned to gravle, and that was quickly turned into powder by a swift kick. He would become accustomed to the weight and power of the chakra now, managing to stand up and examine himself. His eye sight would be in in a blue tint, penatrating even the darkest of the corners. When he would look at the demon cloak, he would almost become hypnotized by the swirling patterns that the red chakra would form.
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Vash Ryukehei

Gender : Male
Posts : 37
Ryō : 529853
Join date : 2011-06-10
Age : 23

Shinobi Information
750/750  (750/750)
200/200  (200/200)
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PostSubject: Re: Vash and the Nibi   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:47 pm

Vash would open his lunch box, eating the still warm food very slowly, savoring it's taste. When he was done, he would close the box and put it back in the bag. Then he would close his eyes again, reaching for the Nibi. The same "drip... drip... drip.." sound would once again echo through his head as he would near the Nibi's lair. The hot air would be almost unbearable as he would near the gate. Those cold, dark, blue eyes would open again. this time no words would be exchanged as the Nibi's heavy chakra would pour into Vash.

"I thank you for cooporating Nibi."

(Nibi) "I need you to live so I can live Vash, that's all there is to it."

Vash would return to the outside world, the Demon cloak once again slowly spreading over his body, the red chakra almost putting him on his hands and knees again. The tail would again push out from his body, and his eye-sight would adjust. Having learned from the last time, he would avoid looking too closely at the wavey patterns of the red chakra swirling around his body.

"Last time I tested my strength only partially, this time I want to test it's full potential."

Running to a wall at such speeds that, had there been onlookers, he would have seemed to dissapear.

"I was fast before, but this is something else entirely."

Continuing to run, he would draw back his fist, slamming it into the wall. The impact would create a crater in the wall, sending spider web cracks up and down the rest of it. Vash would grunt with pain as he would feel a knuckle shatter in the impact. Moving back quickly in a traditional quick retreat style, he would cradle his hand inspecting it. He could feel the chakra of the Nibi slowly healing it.

"It heals too?"

Stretching his newly healed finger, he would wonder just how much the Nanbi was capable of. Manipulating the chakra of the Nibi, he would form chakra claws at the tips of his fingers. Closely examining these new weapons he would decide to test them out. Throwing a boulder up in the air, he would leap and swing his hands. But being unused to the added weight of the claws, and the added power of the chakra. he would miss, barely grazing the boulder. but when he landed again, under closer examination he would see large gouges in the rock, similar to the ones on the chamber walls. Trying again, he would compensate for the weight change, this time slicing the boulder in half.

"This chakra is heavy."

He would pant, having trained for so long that it was now dark on the outside. Releasing the Nibi's chakra, Vash would fall to his knees.

"I think I need a little more practice."

He would stand again, his body shaking. He would walk out of the building and head home.

(end part 1)
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Vash and the Nibi
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