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 Bravo Arts

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Missing Ninja
Missing Ninja

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PostSubject: Bravo Arts   Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:57 am

Name: Summoning
Rank: D-A

Chakra Cost: 20-90 

Description: Bravo's summonings are monkeys. D ranked will summon small chimps, C will summon armored baboons, B will summon armored gorillas, and A will summon the monkey king Enma.  

Prerequisites: A small amount of blood.

Name: Supreme Bravo Arts
Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 80

Description: By wrapping a large amount of chakra around parts of his body, Bravo recieves the strength of the legendary Tsunade. Name changes depending on body part.

Prerequisites: A moment of concentration.

Name: Flames Will
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 60 

Description: Bravo takes control of any and all fire around him and manipulates it to his liking. If theres no fire around, he can produce it from his hands.

Prerequisites: None

Name: Nightime Pheonix 
Rank: S

Chakra Cost: 120 

Description: Bravo sends a large amount of chakra from his body into the sky, creating a large amount of fire in the shape of a bird. When ready, the bird flies down on the opponent. Bravo's spin on the move "Kirin".

Prerequisites: 5 posts of concentration.

Name: Drunken Fist
Rank: C

Chakra Cost: None

Description: Bravo is a lightweight drinker, and a couple sips of alchohol change his fighting style dramatically.

Prerequisites: Alchohol

Name: Smoke Screen
Rank: C

Chakra Cost: 45

Description: Bravo produces a flame inside his body and releases a large amount of smoke from his mouth to blind his opponent withing a small area. Bravo's spin on the Hidden Mist Technique.

Prerequisites: None

Name: Oil Spew
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 65

Description: Bravo produces a large amount of oil in his body that he spits out to help his fire techniques.

Prerequisites: None 
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PostSubject: Re: Bravo Arts   Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:47 am

Approved. These Jutsu can now be added into your Character sheet after being trained.
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Bravo Arts
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