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 Yami Naito

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Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Yami Naito   Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:24 pm

General Information

First Name:Yami
Last Name:Naito
Village of Residence:Kirigakure
Title:God Hand
Appearance:Yami is rather small compared to most people. He stands a 5'6 and he is slim. He has brown colored skin. His eyes are black and his spiky hair is white with red streaks in it. He has a small cross on his left cheek with four equal points instead of two short ones.
Yami wears a black hooded cloak which is over his shirt and his pants. His arms and legs are wrapped tightly in white bandages. On his hands the bandages reaches from his knuckles to the middle of his forearm. On his legs, the bandages reach from his knees to the middle of his feet. His village protecetor is wrapped around his neck where it hangs.

Weapon Information

Name: Shinpan

Rank: B

Apperance: His weapon is a simple staff that appears to be made of lead. It is about 33 inches in length and it black with an intricate pattern of swirls engraved along the body of it.

Abilities:1. Unlike most rods, this one can easily pierce or crush anything that it hits. By using chakra, the effect is amplified. But to avoid piercing, the user must cover the rod in chakra which acts as a sort of protective barrier.
2. The rod collects the natural energy/chakra or chakra particles from around the area but the user of the rod can not use that chakra. Instead, the chakra is forced into the body of whoever is hit by it and it causes imbalance and throws off jutsu.

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!

Name:Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind

Chakra Cost:65

Description: Four giant rock pillars are summoned around the enemy, then shoot bolts of lightning, immobilizing the target and possibly doing damage to them.

Prerequisites: Handseals

Name:Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder

Chakra Cost:60

Description:This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock.

Prerequisites: -


Chakra Cost:40

Description:The user laces their hands with chakra and attack with their palms. Each time they hit the opponent, they shoot chakra into the victim damaging the body both externally and internally.


Other Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

{D} -
{C} -1
{B} -2
{A} -
{S} -

Background Information

History: Childhood:As a child, Yami's father trained him through harsh methods. His father seemed to have no remorse for his own son and Yami hated him for this. He thought that his father had just been picking on him because he was angry with himself. He always thought this until one day, his father was killed. At this point, he understood the reasons for his fathers harsh training, the world can be cold.

Academy Student:After the death of his father, he hadn't felt much. After all, until that time he'd hated his father. But, he knew he couldn't just stop progressing. His father trained him to be able to protect himself but he still had to move forward because he knew that there was always someone stronger. With this, he enrolled in the academy where he performed excellently. He was thought of as a prodigy, though he himself knew that he wasn't but his skill was due to his father. Shortly after, he graduated.

Genin:As a genin, life became more troublesome for Yami. He didn't like his team members very much. He thought of them as boring and annoying. He had trained by himself most of the time and stayed alone unless it was time to go on a mission. On his missions, he always strayed away from his team and tried to complete the mission himself which he often succeeded in. When it was time for the chuunin exams, as always, Yami performed well. But, his team mates weren't on their best and as a result the three of them failed.

Chuunin:Yami knew he had done well. He wasn't the only one who knew this. One day, while in a meeting with his team, he was called to his hokage. He was scared at first, but the feeling eventually died down. When he reached, his kage informed him of his desire to promote him and this took him by surprised. But, he had to prove himself before the kage could do this. He went on a mission and completed it. When he returned he was promoted and began taking on more difficult missions.

OOC Alias:?

Rp Sample:Yami's arms and legs shook as he held up his staff defending himself from his father's fierce attacks. He was breathing heavily trying not to be hit again because it hurt him severely. On his face, there was nothing but hate and pain and it all was directed towards his father. As his father knocked his guard off and aimed for the final blow, a shinobi fell from the sky and slammed his foot directly down on his father's head. Yami was surprised. From that one kick, his father became unconscious. He watched as the mysterious shinobi stabbed his father in the back repeatedly, but Yami was too weak to move his body. While watching his father being murdered, he came to a realization. His father hadn't hated him, but he had wanted to protect him.
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PostSubject: Re: Yami Naito   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:08 pm

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Yami Naito
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