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 Vash Ryukehei

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Vash Ryukehei
Vash Ryukehei

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PostSubject: Vash Ryukehei    Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:45 pm

General Information

First Name:Vash
Last Name:Ryukehei
Village of Residence:Kiri
Title:Black Blooded Assassin

Vash has medium length black hair that falls infront of his eyes allot. He stands at 6'2". On a regular day he can be seen in his casual clothing, a white t-shirt and black pants. But when he is on a mission he wears a long black cloak over the outfit usually worn by ANBU. When on a special solo mission he reveals his true identity as the Black Blooded Assassin by wearing a white mask over his face.

Chakra affinity: Water, wind, lightning

Clan Information

Place Clan and Kekkei Genkai Template here!

Name:Ryukehei (Storm Dragon)
Kekkei Genkai: Arashi no me (Storm eye)

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Arashi no me can be identified by the color of the user's eyes which are a dark blue. even the pupil has turned blue after the Arashi no me has been activated once. This Kekkei Genkai, when used, controls and creates storms that can be manipulated to create powerfull attacks.

Drawbacks: Used to much, the user runs the risk of losing control. Once control is lost, the storm continues to draw the user's chakra, draining them and creating a super storm.

History: No one knows how the Kekkei Genkai started, it is said however, that Dante, the original Arashi no me user, spent so much time using Arashi type techniques that that chakra fused with his DNA and was passed down. The clan however started long before Dante and was only full of users of Arashi style Techniques. Now days the clan is scattered throughout the many nations.

Known Members: Vash

*Family Tree: Dante was the first to Gain this Kekkei Genkai, followed by his son Riku, by his daughter Kiriei, and by her son Vash. They had other children but they formed the branch family.

*Clan Weapons: The Sutomuejji (storm edge) set

Name: Whirling Edge

Rank: A


abilities:[/b] Focusing Chakra into the blade, the user can create strong whirlwinds. This works because the red stripes on the blade catch air while the chakra propells it.

Name: Dragon's Storm

Rank: A

Abilities: For 20 Chakra this blade shapes a nearby storm into the shape of a dragon that smahes into a target.

Name: Typhoon Striker

Rank: A


Abilities: For 30 Chakra, this blade summons a powerfull and cold rain, supported by strong winds

*Clan Techniques:

Name: Arashi no Jutsu

Rank: D

Chakra Cost: 30

Description: The user creates a small storm with light winds and no lightning

Prerequisites: Arashi no me must be activated

Name: Arashi: Dragon Vortex

Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 55

Description: Creating a powerfull storm with heavy rain and lightning, the user shapes the wind into the form of a dragon, which forms a tornado around the opponent.
Prerequisites:Arashi no me must be active

Name:Arashi: Bright Dragon

Rank: A

Chakra Cost:55

Description: Creating the same storm as Arashi: Drago Vortex, the user instead controls the lightning and shapes it into the form of a dragon.

Prerequisites: Arashi no me must be active

Name: Arashi: Hail storm

Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 60

Description: An increadibly powerull storm, with hail the size of softballs

Prerequisites: Arashi no me must be active

*Clan Abilities: Specializing in Arashi (Storm) Techniques, the Chakra required by the techniques is reduced.

Weapon Information

Name: Dragon's Storm

Rank: A

Abilities: For 20 Chakra this blade shapes a nearby storm into the shape of a dragon that smahes into a target.

Name: Reaper's Web
Rank: a

Apperance: Wires slightly thicker than guitar strings that are kept out of sight in his sleeves

Abilities: The wires can be wrapped around and opponent's neck strangling them, or electricity can be channeled through them.

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!


Name: Raiton: Dragon's Lance


Chakra Cost:55

Description: Electicity forms a lance in the user's hands. the lace can be thrown short- medium distances, paralyzing or severing a limb of the opponent.

Prerequisites: None

Name: Raiton: Thunder clap

Rank: S

Chakra Cost:100

Description: Control Lightning to deliver a powerfull blow, only countered by Raikiri, or a similar powerfull Ninjutsu.


Name:Suiton Bunshin no Jutsu


Chakra Cost:25

Description:Creates a clone of water


Name: Bunshin Daibakuha


Chakra Cost: Varies

Description: Makes the clones the user has created explode, 15 chakra for 2 clones.

Prerequisites: None

Name: Futon: Daitoppa

Rank: S

Chakra Cost: 95

Description: The user gathers air in his stomache, blowing it out with enough force to easily level a section of forest

Prerequisites: None

Name: Suiton: Bakusui Shoha

Rank: A

Chakra Cost:80

Description: The user sends a large ball of water at the taret where it explodes into a powerfull wave

Prerequisites: None

Name: Suiton: Suijinheki

Rank: B

Chakra Cost:40

Description: The user creats a strong wall of water that easily defends against fire ninjutsu.



Name: Ryukehei Dance

Rank: A

Description: The user moves his body randomly, dodging even the most advanced Taijutsu, but as he's dodging he can also go on the offensive, dellivering harh punches.

Chakra Cost: 60

Prerequisites: Member of the Ryukehei clan

Other Jutsu:

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 1
{C} - 1
{B} - 1
{A} - 7
{S} - 2

Theme song: Disturbed-Sons of Plunder

History: Arc 1: Vash was born on a remote island. He was the eldest of three siblings, the other two (a brother and a sister) looked up to him. His parents died when he was 16, leaving behind his ten year old brother and 7 year old sister. The two siblings were taken by raiders from an unknown village. Mad with grief, Vash hunted the raiders down killing them all. But by then it was to late, his siblings had dissapeared. (This will be continued as his story is revealed to whoever he chooses as his succesor)

OOC Alias:Matt, Dante, Vash

Rp Sample:Dante would walk into the clearing in the forest, choosing to train after being released from guard duty for the day
Ninjutsu training number one:

Dante would choose which ninjutsu he would use carefully, not wanting to harm the forest to badly.

"Hyoton: Dual Black Dragon Outburst!"

As these words left his mouth, Dante would move both of his arms so that they were pointing foreward. When his arms were pointed foreward two twin spirals of freezing black wind and ice would shoot from his hands. When the spirals reached a distance of 5 feet from Dante, red eyes would appear and the spirals would take the shape of dragons. The dragons would still be attached to Dante's arm through smaller black spirals. The dragons would converge on 7 wooden training dummies Dante had brought with him. As the dragons coverege they would combine, creating a large black tornado that would reduce the dummies to splinters.

Ninjutsu training #2:

Dante would turn towards another set of wooden dummies. Thinking that since he had already done an ice style move, he should try a lightning stye move now. Focusing his chakra, Dante would mutter

"Raiton: Raiyu no Tatsumaki!"

As the words would leave his mouth, a whirlwind would start to form around Dante.
Electricity would crackle through the wind as the whirlwind would pick up speed. The whirlwind would rise up around Dante, forming a dragon with electricity crackling through it. Adjusting to the surronding whirlwind, Dante would start to focus on his targets. The whirlwind dragon would come down and smash 4 of he dummies while the electricity would Junp to the dummies setting the remaining 3 on fire.

Taijutsu training#1

For his Taijutsu training, Dante would relize that he needed to fight something that moved. Pondering this problem, Dante would quickly come up with the solution.

"Hyoton: Bushin no Jutsu!"

As these words left his mouth, 3 ice clones of Dante would rise up from the snow covered ground. 1 ice clone would rush Dante. Dante would counter by falling backwards onto his hands and delivering an upwards kick. As the clone would fly upwards, Dante would jump up after it. Grabing the clone dante would deliver a punch to the clone's face.

"Rampaging Bear!"

Dante would say this as the clone's body would shatter on the ground, leaving an impact crater.

Taijutsu training #2

Dante would move back to his original position as the second clone would prepare to fight him. Dante would move at speeds to fast for the eye to see, only to be countered by a swift punch from one of the clones. The punch would send Dante spiraling backwards into a tree, after impact, Dante would stand and wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Dante would rush the clone again, this time stoping just out of reach of the clones attacks. Jabing his elbow out dante would say

"Mountain Crusher: Roaring Avalanche!"

as the clone would shatter.

Taijutsu Training #3

Dante would once again return to his original position, as the last clone would prepare.

The clone and Dante would rush eachother, the clone attempting to leap onto Dante. As the clones feat would leave the ice, Dante drop to the ground, avoiding the tackle. When the clone's feet were directly over Dante, he would quickly stand, grab the feet of the clone and hurl it into the air. As the clone would fly into the air, Dante would go do a handstand. As he would finish the handstand, Dante would push himself into the air at a high speed.

"Pounce of the Flying Bear!"

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Vash Ryukehei
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