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100 Years after the death of Namikaze Naruto, the hero of our world... And this is what we've come to?
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PostSubject: Ultimate Admin Stall   Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:51 pm

~You walk into a small area of the Global Bazaar and start to look around. But something is catching you off guard. You go and Investigate. After 20 Minutes of your searching, you come across a white rock. There is an engraving in it which you touch. Suddenly you are transported to a place that is all white. It seems to be Heaven, but you aren't on clouds. A voice mutters a 'Hello' from the distance. You turn and see a pure white wolf walking your way. "I am Izuka, Teo's Head Wolf. Teo is not here at the moment, but I am happy to deal with all transactions for her. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I won't bite." You nod to the wolf and turn to the massive amount of items, now, what will you buy?~


Sharingan Elixar - 100,000 Ryo - Fully Restores the Blindness of the Mangekyo Sharingan (1 Use)

Sharingan Candy - 50,000 Ryo - Raises Sharingan 1 Tomoe / Level (1 Use)

Chidori Pack - 75,000 Ryo - Instantly learn Chidori, Raikiri, and all other Chidori and Raikiri based moves in the Anime.

Katon Jutsu Affinity - 20,000 Ryo - Instantly have Access to the Katon Affinity

Suiton Jutsu Affinity - 20,000 Ryo - Instantly have Access to the Suiton Affinity

Doton Jutsu Affinity - 20,000 Ryo - Instantly have Access to the Doton Affinity

Fuuton Jutsu Affinity - 20,000 Ryo - Instantly have Access to the Fuuton Affinity

Raiton Jutsu Affinity - 20,000 Ryo - Instantly have Access to the Raiton Affinity

Lukewarm Hero's Water - 125,000 Ryo - Instantly Raise 1 In-Game Rank (1 Use)

100 Chakra - 1,000 Ryo - Gain 100 Chakra

5,000 Chakra - 30,000 Ryo - Gain 5,000 Chakra
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