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General Information

First Name: Ken
Last Name: Hatake
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Rank: Jonin
Village of Residence: Konoha
Title: "Descendant of the White Fang"

Ken Hatake Kid_Kakashi_render0

Ken bears a striking resemblance to Kakashi when he was Ken's age. He wears the same clothing of a blue suit and metal guards on it, as well as something to carry his family tanto.

He was silver hair and wears his headband on his forehead. His sleeves are also removable as well.

Clan Information

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan - Due to a genetic mutation, only direct descendants of Kakashi Hatake have the ability to activate and deactivate their Sharingan at will.

Canon Character: Kakashi Hatake

Weapon Information

Name: White Light Chakra Sabre

Rank: B

Apperance: It looks like any steel tanto at first, but one it is swung, it will emit a white light made of chakra. It had been crafted once again after it was destroyed.

Ken Hatake Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6ZiM52BInqS0qTYb_tLFdfIDC6Fs9FcrqbTXLCbTXqWQmiVeC4A

Abilities: emit white light chakra when swung; light up dark areas when swung.

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!


Name: Death Tears
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 70

Description: The user smashes the water they're on with immense strength and forces a good amount of water to go up into the air. The user channels their chakra into the water drops once they get to a certain height and they become as sharp and hard as real ninja tools. With enough power, these could prove fatal

Prerequisites: [Water Affinity]

Name: Earth Wall
Rank: C

Chakra Cost: 45

Description: The user does a few hand seals and places their hands on the ground which summons a tall earth wall which is capable of blocking a good amount of attacks.

Prerequisites: [Earth Affinity]

Name: Electrical Mayhem
Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 86

Description: The user charges their hand with a visible amount of chakra which shows a few amount of sparks and then rushes towards the opponent. The user places their hand onto the opponent and discharges the electricity into the mind of the opponent causing the circuits in the brain to go haywire rendering them useless for a little while.

[causes target to be stunned for 3 posts; 2 if getting healed by someone with medical experience. Can be used once per a battle]

Prerequisites: [Lightning Affinity]

Name: Pain Evasion
Rank: B [supplementary]

Chakra Cost: 65

Description: The user charges up their lightning chakra and gives their body and good shock which changes causes their body to become numb. Although, it is left good enough where the user can still be in combat. This technique reduces the amount of pain the user FEELS, but it does not reduce the amount of damage that is actually dealt.

Prerequisites: [Lightning Affinity]

Name: Headhunter Jutsu
Rank: D [supplementary]

Chakra Cost: 25

Description: This technique conceals the user underground and drags the object of their attack down into the earth, robbing them of their freedom. In addition, they can start another attack.

Prerequisites: [Earth Affinity]


Name: Tsukuyomi
Rank: S

Chakra Cost: 125 [+ additional chakra cost]

Description: This technique requires eye contact, once made, the user traps the target in a world of their creation where they are able to torture them for what seems days, in only a matter of seconds in the real world. This technique can cause extreme mental trauma and fatigue to the target afterwards.

Prerequisites: Mangekyo Sharingan

Name: All Five Senses
Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 85

Description: The user must keep direct attention at the target for this to work. Once in motion, the target will begin to lose one of each five senses. After all our lost, the opponent is practically pickings for the weak. Although, the user must not move for this technique to stay active; so another person would be needed to hurt and or kill the opponent during this jutsu.

Prerequisites: Sharingan [any tomoe]


Name: One Thousand Years of Death
Rank: D

Chakra Cost: 22

Description: A very simple technique with an over-dramatic name, One Thousand Years of Death is little more than inserting one's index and middle fingers (similar to the Tiger hand seal) into the opponent's rectum, causing constipation, pain and/or embarrassment. It has no effect on unconscious targets. It can prove very efficient if used with a weapon such as paper bombs and kunai.

Prerequisites: none

Name: Earth Shatter
Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 70

Description: The user charges their hand with a normal chakra coating and then layers it with a rock coating which is actually as hard as stone itself. To the naked eye, this appears as a brown layer of chakra over the hand. If used with enough force, this technique could actually break bones.

Prerequisites: none

Name: Volleyball
Rank: A

Chakra Cost: 83

Description: The user charges their hands with chakra and serve the opponent into the air with their fists or feet. This can be done in most situations and this is when the technique really starts. Once the opponent comes down, the user smashes them up and repeats the process one more time. After that one, the user jumps high into the air and smashes both of their chakra enhanced fists into the opponent, smashing them onto the ground.

Prerequisites: none

Other Jutsu:

Name: Lower Mangekyo Sharingan
Rank: [supplementary]

Chakra Cost: varies

Description: The beginning of the Mangekyo Sharingan which is activated due to the feeling of an extreme loss. In this form, it allows the user to use Tsukuyomi twice per a thread without strain.

Prerequisites: 3 tomoe

[Total Jutsu]

{D} - 2
{C} -1
{B} -3
{A} -3
{S} -1

Background Information

History: Please seperate into Arcs.

Academy Arc

Ken had gone to the academy at age 5. He was one of the top students in class with getting the highest grades in both mental and physical tests. Many people were rivals with him even though he didn't feel like dealing with it. He had graduated top of his class in only a year now making him 6 years old.

Genin Arc

Ken's genin life wasn't much. He had shown prominent skill in his squad with his father Aki Hatake being the squad leader.Himself and his teamates Yuki and Nemkai were far above genin level and had did missions above the level that other genin would do. This included escorts and one time a spy mission which turned out to be nothing of trouble.

Chunin Arc

His squad successfully passed the chunin exams with ease and were now chunin. They had now gone on more missions and battled countless shinobi. They had almost got their selves killed a few times but still ended up accomplishing their missions.

Ken was nominated for Anbu which had done for two years, making him 12 afterwards. He had been the captain of the squad even at his young age and had been known as one of the best Anbu members in Konoha.

Jonin Arc

Due to his accomplishments with the Anbu, Ken had been made a jonin. He had gone on several assassination missions with his squad and they did accomplish them.

On one mission, they had gone on a mission which involved taking down strangers that were at the village gates. These men were quite strong....too strong. They had destroyed Ken's team in a matter of minutes. They were slowly dying and Ken tried to fight them off, but it was pointless.

Then one of duo had smashed his sword through Ken's father causing a fast death. Angered, Ken had awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan and trapped the man in a jutsu known as Tsukuyomi. He was trapped in a strange world tied up in metal pieces unable to move.

Ken held the same sword and repeatedly stabbed him. After each stab he multiplied by 2, causing the enemy to face extreme pain. It had been only a few minutes in that world and the man had already died due to the pain.

His partner had faced the same fate leaving Ken and his teammates to mourn over his father's death. His mother had gotten sick during the times and had died as well, most likely due to grief.

Ken now lives alone in the same house or will sleepover at his friend's houses during the days. He plays a lazy but happy attitude most of the time now and is known to as the people as "cool".

OOC Alias: Kenny

Rp Sample:
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Sorry to say bud, but you gotta include an RP sample. That said, for now,

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