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 Bleach Armageddon Day v2.0

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PostSubject: Bleach Armageddon Day v2.0   Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:25 pm

A New Beginning

Soul Society, the afterlife that awaits those within the living world, a world of spectacular beauty. Inhabited by the notorious Shinigami, the death gods that reap the lives of hollows and transfer lost souls into the welcoming grasp of Soul Society. However, these hollows have existed since the shinigami came to being, devouring loose souls with murderous intent. these are the creatures that the shinigami slaughter to save a soul. however, not only are they the guardian angels for soul, but also the human race. they are the protectors of their race, whether it was granted to them or not. They are the unseen Patrons of Justice. the Shinigami can only be described as the 'good guys' in both worlds. they work together and do not rest until Justice prevails!

The Shinigami have created headquarters within Soul Society, surrounded by the Rukongai districts. They call their new founded government the Gotei. "Dying to exterminate great evil. Know that this is the spirit of the Gotei..." the purpose of the shinigami originated from the creation of this symbol of protection. The Gotei also serves as the main military organization in Soul Society, branching out into certain Divisions; each Division is lead by a capable and respected shinigami that has proved his or herself to be able to take full control of the one Divisions duties. Outside the structures of the Gotei's base, the wandering soul city lies, Rukongai. this is the largest Portion of Soul Society and the most Populated. it is divided into 320 districts, 80 being separated to the north, south, east, and west. Higher numbered districts are father away and begin to decay into slums. This land is were the souls reside, should that are not shinigami. under the protection of their guardians, they live in harmony.

Catastrophe struck when an epidemic took over the Soul Society. Day after day, it spread beneath the naked eye and began to infect shinigami, pluses, and even hollows. Years were spent searching for a cure, but finally the disease had taken the lives of many including those who ran much of the Soul Society. Finally, the disease had been countered after various research from the 12th Division, but the Seireitei was left in ruin and somehow the hollow gained immunity through many years of dealing with it.

200 Years Later, new faces appeared in the Seireitei as a man named Zeke Osakawa took over the Soul Society and replenished its life through innovation and courage. However, a man by the name of Katsu Nori Noboru was lurking in the shadows, ready to strike the Soul Society without remorse.

Katsu's plan was soiled, and now once again both sides have been left to recuperate, left in pieces and ready to rebuild society only to face more dangers and difficulties at every turn. Karakura has modernized, taking in a larger population with more potential humans becoming affected by the surrounding reiatsu. Even Hueco Mundo sits and awaits a new king to lead them to do great things. Are you good, or perhaps you would prefer to slaughter innocents? The choice is yours, creativity only limited by the perimeters of your own mind!

So, come and immerse yourself in the exciting world of


Here at Bleach Armageddon Day 2.0, the staff strives for acceptance into our community, and the ability for anyone to have fun here! Our site is non-Canon, allowing the Roleplayer to be able to unleash his/her own creativity!


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Bleach Armageddon Day v2.0
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