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 Kai Saratora : Stone Maul - Grow

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Kai Saratora

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PostSubject: Kai Saratora : Stone Maul - Grow   Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:59 pm

The wind blew softly through the crater, Kai held out his hand feeling the breeze through his fingers. This had been the first time in such a long time that he had finally had the time to train. Kai sat on the ground for a moment before reaching for his weapon on his back. The stone maul was heavier than it looked as Kai was just getting the hang of swing it around with just one hand. He slammed the maul into the ground, the stone head keeping the maul from tipping over.

Kai looked at his hands feeling the chakra flow through his body. He closed his eyes and throught for a moment. "Chakra is the basis of all ninjutsu. By channeling my chakra through the maul I should be able to increase how hard I strike, but I think I can take this one step further." He placed his hand on the handle of the maul before sending a wave of his chakra through the maul, pulling it from the ground and into the air, swing it around in a circle before striking the ground the rock from the impact floated into the air. Kai pulled the maul from the ground and held out his hand collecting the pieces of broken rock, holding the maul's stone head out infront of him. He placed another hand on the maul the rocks slowly forming around it. He stared at the maul and the rock around it, trying to keep his concentration, as the pieces of rock attached themselves to the maul. The wind blew hard knocking Kai off balance the rock loose from the maul.

Kai smiled," I think I can work with that."

Day 1
Word Count: 282
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Kai Saratora : Stone Maul - Grow
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