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 Just a Walk Around Konoha (Open)

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Kaito Satoshi

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PostSubject: Just a Walk Around Konoha (Open)   Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:42 pm

It had been a few days since Kaito's meeting with the Hokage, and he hadn't gotten any better in terms of training. The young Satoshi knew that if he were not to train until he received a Jonin instructor, then his ability would severely decrease.

But for now, a simple walk would be good enough exercise. The young Genin took in a long breath through his mask and into his covered nose; the air was crystal clean this morning. The sky was cloudy, with a few breaks of sunshine that Kaito relished due to the weather all week. The cool breeze crept through his hair, giving it a slightly awkward angle to the back; but Kaito didn't care.

The young Satoshi came across Konoha's Tea Avenue and walked down it; the Amaguriama to his left. There were the barks of dogs and squeals of children to his right from the park that the children played at while their parents ate their dumplings in peace. It was a nice ring to the Genin's ears.

After 15 minutes or so of walking to who knows where, the Genin stopped and leaned against a nearby tree at the corner of the Hokage's Office and the Academy. He could see a figure chewing on a senbon, but the male quickly shunshined out of the area; Kaito made a mental note to learn how to do that.

The young Genin sighed and slid down the tree, landing with a soft thump. Kaito pulled out a notepad and a pencil from his back pocket and started to draw. He would of drawn what he saw, but Kaito had something on his mind... But when he started to uncounciously draw, nothing would come out. The Genin sighed and scrapped the idea and started to draw a nearby dog, wondering if the clouds would give way to rain in the near future.
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Just a Walk Around Konoha (Open)
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