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 What Was Your Ultimate God-mod?

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Kaito Satoshi
Kaito Satoshi

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PostSubject: What Was Your Ultimate God-mod?   Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:51 pm

When everyone starts to Roleplay, you God-mod somewhere along the road. Wether it be your first battle or somewhere else where you didn't even notice. I don't think I've ever met a person who hasn't god-modded, so let's share our stories of God-modding here. It can be through either an actual post, or just tell us what you did.


Since I haven't had any God-mods with Kaito, I'll go back to my Teo account for this story...


My ultimate god-mod was when I first started out and some of you might of remembered this if you stumbled upon Zone 5 of UzL almost 1 1/2 - 2 Years back. I think it was Massato that actually reprimanded me for it...

It was back when I was an idiot and had a 'Wolf Form' and could fight as a wolf. I used up like all of my Chakra to make this gigantic fire wolf manifestation that encased my opponent in a ball of spinning fire and magma. Then I said that the sun god Helios (since I was studying Mythology in English at the time I was Roleplaying this) helped me keep it up, but after he left I kept it going with no Chakra left... Then I made inside this ball of fire and magma shoot lightning bolts to kill my opponent, who god-modded with his own 'Dragon Form' and survived even after he fell 3 stories to his death, mind you I was on the ground. And then finally I decided to end it and passed out from Chakra Exaughstion.

Well there you have it, my ultimate God-Mod... Not the best day in my books, but it was an epic battle. There were a few more recent god-mods due to that stupid wolf form and once where my sister over took my fight when I was asleep! Making me think I had more chakra than I did, and getting many Roleplayers very annoyed with me...


So... What's your story?
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What Was Your Ultimate God-mod?
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