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 Hachimon System

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PostSubject: Hachimon System   Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:15 pm

Hachimon - Eight Gates

Who Can Have It?

Currently there are only 5 spots open for the Hachimon. Pm Teo with an Rp Sample of training and unlocking the first gate and you may have the Hachimon.

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What Can I Unlock?

Genin can unlock up to the 3rd Gate
Chuunin can unlock up to the 6th Gate
Jonin and up can unlock all of the Gates.


There is no set way to train the 8 Gates, but your character can not automatically unlock the gates. Experiment training all of the ones you can, and use them in battle effectively. Any god-modding of training will result in an actual training system being set up.

Eight Gates Information

The Eight Gates are eight specific points on a person's Chakra Pathway System. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By opening these gates, the user can surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own bodies. Gates will only be open to those who focus on Taijutsu and aren't part of a major powered clan to make it fair.

Name: Kaimon [Opening gate, Gate of Opening]
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 40
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Opens up the first one of the eight gates that is located in your brain releasing some of the restraints that your sub-conscious puts onto your body increasing your physical strength and speed. Unlocks use of Ura Renge.

Name: Kyuumon [Rest Gate, Gate of Rest]
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 40
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Opens up the second gate that is located in the shinobi's head. The opening of this gate restores stamina and also aids with the shinobi's recovery after being weakened.

Name: Seimon [Life gate, Gate of Life]
Chakra Cost: 60
Rank: B
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Opens one of the gates located on the spine releasing the limits placed on your nervous system causing a further increase of their strength and speed. This gate increases the flow of blood and oxygen in the body causing the skin to turn a blood red pigment. Allows for use of Ura Renge further increasing your Chakra, Stamina, Physical resistance.

Name: Shoumon [Wound Gate, Gate of Pain]
Chakra Cost: 60
Rank: B
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Opens up the fourth gate that the second one located on the spine increasing the oxygen intake of one’s body. This gate allows the user to further increase his speed and strength though it pushes his body to the point of breaking forcing the user into total downtime until recovered.

Name: Tomon [Limit Gate]
Chakra Cost: 80
Rank: A
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Releases the limit on the amount of chakra released at one time while also pushing the body even further passed its limitations giving them a boost to their strength and speed.

Name: Keimon [View Gate, Gate of Joy]
Chakra Cost: 80
Rank: A
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: Opens up the sixth gate allowing even more chakra to flow through their body while releasing the limits on the bodies’ consumption of their fat and proteins giving their body more energy and allows the use of Asa Kujaku.

Name: Kyoumon [Wonder Gate, Gate of Wonders]
Chakra Cost: 100
Rank: S
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: This is the second to last gate located at the base of their spine it removes the limit on how fast the body can move, removes wastes from dead skin cells to feces, and gives the body a much cleaner system to work with, producing even more speed and power while also increasing their stamina. This gate grants the use of Daytime Tiger now.

Name: Shimon [Death gate, Gate of Death]
Chakra Cost: 100
Rank: S
Duration: 3 posts
Effects: This gate is located right at the heart and as such the opening of it runs the risk of causing your heart to explode when it closes starting a chain reaction to all of your internal organs practically liquefying them. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. All the energy in every individual cell is used up, giving the user power well above that of any Kage. This "big bang" effect is only temporary, and destroys every muscle in the user's body. However this can only be used once without death. A second time would kill someone.


Name: Omote Renge [Front Lotus, Primary Lotus]
Chakra Cost: 45
Sub-type: Hachimon
Rank: C
Duration: 1 post
Effects: This jutsu begins by launching an opponent into the air. After that, the ninja jumps, following its target. Having prepared for the jutsu by unwrapping the bandages on his arms, and once he is behind his opponent, he then wraps the arm bandages around them, and grabs them in a bear hug, then pile drives them into the ground while spinning rapidly. The result is extremely violent. This technique can only be done once per gate opened.

Name: Ura Renge [Reverse Lotus]
Chakra Cost: 65
Rank: B
Duration: 1 post
Effects: This jutsu is an advanced and more destructive version of the Omote Renge, which requires that at least three chakra gates be opened. Once enough gates are open, the user launches the target into the air and then jumps after them, striking them quickly in the pattern of a triangle and then hits them with one arm and one foot, sending the target crashing into the ground for three times. This is usually fatal due to the speed and power behind the attack. Because so many chakra gates are opened at once, it can only be used once, since the user will likely be unable to stand afterward.

Name: Asa Kujaku [Morning Peacock]
Chakra Cost: 85
Rank: A
Duration: 1 post
Effects: After the gates are open, the user will approach his opponent in a somewhat distinctive stance and, once he gets close enough, kick them into the air. He then punches his opponent over and over, causing a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra to develop. Once this is finished, his opponent will fall back to the ground, covered in the attack's aura. Because so many chakra gates are opened at once, it can only be used once, since the user will likely be unable to stand afterward.

Name: Daytime Tiger
Chakra Cost: 200
Rank: S
Duration: 1 Post
Effects: Daytime Tiger is an incredibly fast punch. After opening the seventh of the Eight Gates, the user places a palm facing forward in front of their face with one hand and then taps it with his other hand, formed into a fist, which creates a massive amount of air pressure. Next, the user forms a unique hand seal resembling a tiger, which launches the air pressure at the opponent in the shape of a tiger, by leaving a gigantic tiger-shaped impression into the initially built-up air pressure with the hand seal. The air pressure will condense as its moving and be focused into a single point. The technique then explodes on command, releasing the built up air pressure in an instant. A massive concussive explosion is created which can be felt a significant distance away.
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Hachimon System
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