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 Summoning System

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PostSubject: Summoning System   Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:09 pm

So, you wish to Summon eh? Well the task will not be easy...

Finding a Contract

In order to even think about summoning, you must first find a contract. These won't be plainly given to you, but you must find them yourself. First, start a thread and put (Summoning) in the title, in this thread only you and an Admin can post; along with any other persons you feel fit to bind to the summoning contract as well. Next, make a post in said thread. You post must be at least 600 Words long, and must include your traveling, adventures, and searching under every rock and stone for a contract. The more you type, the better. If there are more than one persons searching for the summoning contract, each person must post twice before an Admin will judge your Rping.

After your post, an Admin will roll each dice for the contracts you are eligible for. If you gain a contract, then good job! If you don't, you can try again in 3 days. If you do not like the contract you have found, you may deny it and it will be sent back into the shinobi world to be found again. If you deny said contract, you must wait 2 weeks from denying to search for a contract again. If a person other than yourself gains the contract, he/she may allow you to sign the contract even if you denyed one that you found.

Depending on your Roleplaying skills, you may not be allowed to keep the contract you have just signed. If however you are allowed to keep the contract, you may pass it on to whomever you choose.

A contract will be very small to begin with, around the size of a normal scroll. But once you gain ownership of it, the scroll will grow in size and must be carried around on the back. Leaving the scroll unattended may result in unwanted concequenses.

If you just can't find a contract, or a contract that you want, you may search for the owner of the contract. Depending on the person, you may not be able to sign the contract until you prove yourself to him/her.

Summoning Costs

Each notable summon has a set amount of Chakra to summon them, but for each non-notable summon, their chakra cost depends on their rank. The rank of each summon is similar to Jutsu ranks, and the cost for each non-notable summon will be similar to Jutsu Chakra Costs.

Avalible Summoning Contracts

Toad - Rumored to be in Konoha -

Snakes - Rumored to be in Kiri -

Slugs - Rumored to be in Konoha -

Monkey - Rumored to be in Iwa -

Wolves - Rumored to be in Kumo -

Fox - Rumored to be in Suna -

Choosing a New Boss Summon

If there is no Boss Summon for the contract, you may choose one of the A-Rank or S-Rank summons to take it's place. You can only choose if you are the contract holder of the Summoning Contract.
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Summoning System
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