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 Rekon Tabaki DONE!

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Rekon Tabaki
Rekon Tabaki

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Shinobi Information
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Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Rekon Tabaki DONE!   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:36 pm

General Information

First Name: Rekon
Last Name: Tabaki
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Rank: Chunin
Village of Residence: Konohagakure No Sato
Title: The Hurricane of Fire

Clan Information

Place Clan and Kekkei Genkai Template here!

b]Name:[/b]Tabaki Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Mental Release

History: The Man who found this clan lacked physical activity but still had great Mental Activity. He had invented the Mental release, he then had founded this clan, his name was Rekon. Soon enough Later thought more people joined his clan and learned the mental technique no matter if they were athletic or not. And it has been a clan from here on out. But when the new Rekon was born, everybody hated him, no knowing why.
Known Members:Rekon Tabaki
Beniko Tabaki
and More

*Family Tree:Hizugara Tabaki (Grandfather)
Heloina Tabaki (Grandmother decaseased)
Shinchi Tabaki (Father Missing)
Ran Tabaki (Mother)
Heiji Tabaki (Brother)
Kazunah Tabaki (Sister)
*Clan Weapons:
*Clan Techniques:

*Clan Abilities: They have great speed, and the mental release

Weapon Information

Place Weapon Template here for each Weapon!

Name: (Name of weapon, simple weapons like kunai's don't count) Katana

Rank: (What rank is it D,C,B ETC.) B

Apperance: (A picture will do but needs a description)

Abilities: (Does your weapon have any special abilities like sucking the chakra in to the sword or something ETC.)If stabbed into heart it burns the whole body.

Jutsu Information

Place Jutsu Templates here in each respective Jutsu Catagory!

Ninjutsu:Name: Match Jutsu
Rank: D
Element: None
Chakra Cost: 15
Description: Rekons grandfather made the jutsu intended for Rekon. If used, Rekon and his dog think alike and use their power as one.

Name:Fire Release: Fire ball jutsu
Chakra Cost: 30
Description:After using it, a whole steam of fire comes out your mouth and if needed they come out in balls.
Chakra Cost: 35
ire Clone
Desricption: Turns oxygen into fire forming the use of the jutsu and making it a clone, If destroyed, the destroyer feels great burn.

Name: Fire Release: Fire Dragon
Chakra Cost: 40
Rank: C
Element: Fire
Descriptiom: In Rekons case, conjuring up a dragon made of fire.

Chakra Cost: 50

elease: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Description:The user kneads chakra into flames, which are then manipulated into a genuine-looking dragon. Since the art of having the flames obey the user's will is outrageously difficult, its mastery is restricted to a limited number of skillful shinobi. The spat out flames are divided to launch a left side, right side, and frontal assault in all three directions at once, turning the enemy into ash in a matter of seconds.

Name: Shadow clone
Rank: B
Element: None
Chakra Cost: 55
Description: Makes a normal clone.
Chakra Cost: 60
Fire Rasengan
Rank: B
Element: Fire
Description: Jiraiya's variation of the Rasengan. Jiraiya creates a normal Rasengan, then ignites it with a Fire jutsu. causing it to turn black and be surrounded with a ring of flames. He then hits the opponent, causing a blazing maelstrom of fire, reducing the victim to ashes. ((Barley uses it))

Name: New Sexy Technique
Rank: D
Element: None
CHakra Cost: 15
Description: Tranforms into a Ch

ve woman wearing a devil out fit.

Genjutsu:Name: Poison Moth Genjutsu
Description: Fuen first uses poison that is thin and tiny enough to be taken in the air. Her target will inhale the poison and start to see the things that Fuen chooses, like caves, moths, or allies of the target trying to kill the target. When her target is imprisoned in her genjutsu, Fuen charges and kills her target. Sakura Haruno was able to create an antidote for the technique, allowing her to defeat Fuen.
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 30

Name: Shadow Hell Technique
Description: This technique is like the Shadow Imitation Technique, but Shikamaru makes the enemy fall through the shadow to teleport them to an unknown place, and in seconds, the enemy returns confused and faints
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 15

Taijutsu:Name: Dynamic Entry
Description: The technique requires the user to perform a jump kick into their opponent's face. Might Guy is known to throw a weapon, such as a kunai, at the enemy to distract them while he takes advantage of their blind spot. Not much else is known about this technique, other than the fact that it is mainly used for an exaggerated appearance by Guy.
Rank: D Rank
Chakra Cost: 15

Name: Drunken Fist
Description: According to Might Guy, Drunken Fist is a kenpō/taijutsu style where, "the more you drink, the drunker you get, and the stronger you become". This unusual taijutsu style is a unique style of combat. It can not be learned, nor can it be taught, or honed and refined through training and practice. Drunken Fist Fighters are not simply drunk, they become human powerhouses who'll strike unpredictability, with no inhibitions, an explosive fury and without any second thoughts about their actions. Once drunk, the user will lose their ability to know friend from foe and attack whomever is in their vicinity.
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 25

Name: Dynamic Action
Description: The user flips towards the opponent and attacks with a series of punches and kicks.
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 15

Name: Front Lotus
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 55
Description: Front Lotus requires the opening of the first of the Eight Chakra Gates, giving the user five times their normal strength. The user launches the opponent into the air and then uses Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Once behind the opponent, the user restrains them and piledrives them into the ground headfirst while rotating at a ferocious speed. Because it uses one of the chakra gates, the user is left extremely fatigued, making this jutsu a "double-edged sword." However, on episode 193 of the anime, Lee was able to perform this technique without any strain on his body. In the anime, Kakashi has been shown to be able to use this technique, but to a much lesser degree than Guy and Lee.

Other Jutsu: Name: Daydream Technique
Description: The user sends the opponent to their darkest dreams, and then the user can escape.
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 30

Name: Memory Technique
Description: The user looks into the opponents memory's but for someone like Rekon, is only allowed for 30 seconds,
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 15

Name: Lions Barrage nick: Tabaki Barrage

Description: A Taijutsu that Is easy and gives your foot strength for one kick.

Type: Taijutsu

Rank: D-Rank

Chakra cost: 10

Name: Fire Release: Fire Tiger Explosion

Element: Katon

Description: summons a tiger made of flames from the scroll on his back, doing massive damage to the player's team and also has an ability to attach to the opponent and explode with much impact. This jutsu is somewhat similar to a paper bomb, but much stronger. It is also similar to Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique, except with a tiger instead of a dragon.

Rank: D

Chakra cost: 20

Name: Fire Great Ball Rasengan

Element: Katon

Description: The Great Ball Rasengan is a more powerful version of the Rasengan created by Naruto during his training with Jiraiya in the gap in time dividing Part I and II of the series. Like the regular Rasengan, Naruto uses a shadow clone to help form it. However, by adding increased amounts of chakra, he can increase the size and power of the standard Rasengan. It deals astounding damage to the area and the target, but it leaves Naruto exhausted.

But now using Rekons change in element, it's the Fire Great Ball Rasengan.

Rank: A

Chakra cost: 60

Name: Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance Technique

Element: Katon

Description: After performing the necessary hand seals, the user is able to create and blow a flammable gas from their lungs. Once it comes in contact with fire or sparks, the gas ignites into a large fireball. Kagerō uses this technique while disguised as Kabuto Yakushi.

Rank: B

Chakra cost: 45

Name: Lightning Release: Black Panther

Type: Ninjutsu

Description: This technique creates a substantial amount of Black Lightning which takes the form of a panther-like creature that seems to emanate from the user's own body. It can be used to affect multiple victims at once by electrocuting them. Like various other Lightning Release techniques, the potency of this ability can be increased through the application of water

Rank: B

Chakra Cost: 50

Name: Lightning Release: Emotion Wave

Type: Ninjutsu

Description: The user generates a large amount of lightning in their hands, which can then be released into conductive materials to electrocute their foes.

Rank: C

Chakra Cost: 30

Name: Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind

Type: Ninjutsu

Description: Four giant rock pillars are summoned around the enemy, then shoot bolts of lightning, immobilizing the target and possibly doing damage to them

Rank: B-Rank

Chakra Cost: 55

[Total Jutsu]

{D} -7
{C} -6
{B} -8
{A} -3
{S} -

Background Information

History: Academy Student Arc-

Rekon was born in his village, when people were talking rumors, he was a special kid. He was supposed to save the village or destroy it. But he was too young to understand what being a chosen one, meant. He grew with the greatest of karate and kung fu training. His grampa. A master of the element of fire taught him jutsu. Like the fireball jutsu, or the fire dragon jutsu, even the fire clone jutsu. He learned one water jutsu, water clone jutsu. He also know the shadow clone jutsu. One day people heard of him, and wanted to kill him, his sister a kunoichi (woman ninja), fought bravley against the people who wanted to kill Rekon. She was killed. Rekon used the fire clone jutsu to get out of the attacks.

Then he had graduated the ninja academy right around the time his father went missing right after his grandfathers death.

Genin Arc-

Rekon had traveled to the Hokage, he had gotten a room. He had graduated from the Ninja academy, getting a sensei. He had gone to missions, the first time he got a B rank mission, he was a complete knuckled head, until he got serious, then he had beaten all the crime lords. He then got to the Chunin exams and then he had heard about the fact that his father was a Missing Nin, he had then been devistated, Rekon had moved back to the village compound because it had been rebuilt and all the people who had survived the attack lived in peace.

Then he took the Chunin exams thats when he had stated feeling weird, he didn't know why but he knew something inside of him was happening.

Chunin Arc- He had just become a Chunin and now he is here. The arc is yet to begin.

OOC Alias: Rekon Tabaki

Rp Sample:Alex Jones from Hollywood Arts RPG My post

Would you dance, if I asked you to dance? Would you run, and never look back?

"Alex get up!" Alex heard. He had been in a dream where he was surrounded by Frapuchinos. Why hadn´t the person let him sleep. WHY?! It was his mom. "I have to go film at Paramount Studios, I want you to cook for your brother and sister when you get back. ¿vale?" His mom told him.
"Si, Mama." He growled. His father had died a year ago that day. And they had just came back from a long weary trip in France, where his mom filmed a musical movie. Alex was able to catch up on some FreeRunning Lessons and danced background in the movie. One of the dancers, he was happy, if he had remembered the dance had been a freeze dance.

Alex woke up the morning. His mom had already left to film in Warner Brother Studios this time. Alex had gotten dressed. He wore Levi slim jeans, a white tee, his LA Lakers hat. He wore blue Zoom 6.0 Nikes and his fingerless gloves. He went to the door and told his siblings the bus was there. They ran down to the bus so they could go to their middle school. Alex instead, took his Pear Pod, his skateboard, and a basketball, in his backpack he had a binder, two text books, and a PearPad.

Alex got into Hollywood Arts where he saw people getting into a dance, it looked like the one Alex had done in France. Alex had joined in and after a while everyone stopped. Alex turned around and bumped into someone by accident.

"Sorry. I should´ve seen where I was going."

((Thats your cue Tori or Kris.))


Word Count:226
Made By: Me
Notes: Polyvore is down on my computer so I can´t use it.

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Rekon Tabaki
Rekon Tabaki

Posts : 8
Ryō : 558814
Join date : 2011-06-28

Shinobi Information
700/700  (700/700)
200/200  (200/200)
Jutsu List:

PostSubject: Re: Rekon Tabaki DONE!   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:08 am

The Character app Is done, now you can check.
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PostSubject: Re: Rekon Tabaki DONE!   Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:09 pm

Your memory technique would need to be an A-Rank Technique, even if you can only control it for 30 seconds.

I would wish that your History Arcs would be a tad bit longer, but I guess they're fine...

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PostSubject: Re: Rekon Tabaki DONE!   

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Rekon Tabaki DONE!
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