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100 Years after the death of Namikaze Naruto, the hero of our world... And this is what we've come to?
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 Story Line

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PostSubject: Story Line   Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:55 pm

Darkness and death.... That is all the Rokudaime Hokage saw.... "Kyuubi... Did I do this?" 'No, Naruto, it wasn't you.' The Namikaze sighed, if he hadn't of taken his father's name, this never would of happened. It had been just then that Naruto had found his Kekkei Genkai, the combination of the Uzumaki and Namikaze blood. It was, in his opinion, too powerful. Even Kyuubi noted that it was. And now, Naruto was responsible for this war, and all this death. In his arms was a brown haired newborn, silent as he slept in his father's arms. The boy's face bore a whisker mark on both cheeks, similar to his father, with another running vertically up his chin. But this could not be seen as his face was covered with dust and dirt from his father's last jutsu. This was Naruto's son, named after Naruto's hero; Itachi Uchiha. Why the Uchiha was a hero to Naruto was because he betrayed his family, for the sake of the Village, he saved Konoha from the takeover. There in Naruto's arms, laid Itachi Namikaze, sleeping soundly like the war never of happened.

"Kyuubi, I want you to be sealed into Tachi... Do it for me 'kay?" Naruto muttered as he stroked his son's hair. The Kyuubi manifested itself out of the seal into a golden chakra form, his tails still connecting him to the seal. "Naruto. You have to be the stupidest Jinchuuriki in the world, but don't worry; I'll protect your son." 'My final three jutsu... Gotta make 'em count...' The blond preformed handsigns, muttering a name of a jutus that would be lost to the world; this revived all of the shinobi that had died because of Naruto. The next jutsu he performed was another that would be lost to the world due to the Namikaze's death. This released the Kyuubi into the world, all of the revived shinobi watched in fear, and distress.

"Naruto Namikaze, you are your father's son." Kyuubi spoke to him only. Naruto smiled and placed his son on a nearby stone and preformed the last set of handsigns. “Shiki Fūjin” Shinigami appeared behind the Namikaze, taking the Kyuubi and sealing him into Itachi, and then he grabbed Naruto’s smiling body and disappeared. But Naruto wasn’t that dumb, it was a clone, but Naruto was still dying rapidly. He quickly devised a note and sealed it with a blood seal. Naruto then fell to the ground with a thump, while Itachi’s cries filled the battlefield.

It has been 100 years since that incidence, since the Namikaze’s death. Itachi grew up and died father of two and grandfather of four. Both the Uchiha Clan and the Namikaze Clan were put under the Clan Restoration Act, now both thriving more than ever. But to be a direct descendant of Naruto is the greatest honor that there ever would be. The only people directly descended from the great blond are Itachi's great grandson and his two brothers.

All of the shinobi during the war where Naruto lost his battle grew old and found happiness. Their techniques were listed in the village archives, and their names etched on the memorial stone as they lost their lives in one last final battle.

Now on the brink of yet another war, peace has grown slim between the Villages. Many shinobi training harder than ever in preparation. At the last meeting between the Hokage and Kazekage, they both asked themself the same question...

"100 Years after the death of Namikaze Naruto, the hero of our world... And this is what we've come to?"
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Story Line
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